Hey guys! So for some reason, the past three years of college I forgot that I had adhd. Many crises later— I finally realized that OH YA, I have adhd (MEGA SMFH). I decided to take my ass to a psychiatrist, and I tried Ritalin 20mg XR— it was incredible. My room is always messy but I was finally able to organize my room, which usually takes me 4 days to a month (unfinished because I get distracted). I was also able to study at home, which I usually can’t because I have a big and loud family. The following days, my room was organized. My thoughts were completely clear. Unfortunately, I had heart palpitations and GI issues (which lead to me going to the emergency room to get IV fluids). My doctor changed my medicine to Adderall 10mg IR, it’s been good but it’s not enough. I severely crash at about 7pm with a pulsating headache and severe nausea. I feel like my head and eyeballs are gonna explode. Today in my chem lecture, my professor was going through the lecture and I missed so much of it because I was trying to keep up with the notes and what she was saying. I took my medicine 15 mins before class.

Is it normal to have this insane crash even though it’s instant release?

How do you force yourself eat when you feel nauseous? I don’t want to lose weight. I work on maintaining muscle and I’ve already lost 5 lbs and it’s only been 5 days. LIKE WTF

Have you guys had this experience?

Now when I’m not on the medicine, I feel like a completely different person and I’m scared that I’ll need it forever because I’m dysfunctional af without it.

I would say that Adderall is the wrong medicine for you too. Of course, that is up to your doctor to decide, but you shouldn’t be having headaches and nausea the level of a migraine. You need to tell your doctor about those symptoms.

As for trying to combat constant nausea, I can tell you from my trials of many different solutions throughout 4 pregnancies, try Prego-pops (anti-nausea suckers for pregnant women), Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid tea, or (if you can handle it) straight ground ginger from the produce section in the grocery store. I started out putting it on crackers and eventually went to squeezing the tube in my mouth. Everyone thought I was nuts, but I was nauseous all through my 3rd pregnancy until the day I gave birth. The thing is, sometimes you feel nausea because you are dehydrated, like in heat exhaustion. Try sipping water. If you lost 5lbs in 5 days, it is water weight, and you need to get hydrated…and talk to your doctor!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top. There is likely a better medicine for you.

Hi, thank you for responding. I really appreciate it. I think it might be a bad fit too especially because it’s such a low dose too, but there’s only one class of medicine left. I really have to get good grades to get into medical school. It’s super tricky. I’m seeing my doctor soon. Thank you, Heather :slight_smile:

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