Saying hello before I turn into a lurker

Hi Gang,
37 yo Male here. Spent the last 7 years trying to work out why my life’s been falling apart. Thought I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a bit. That wasn’t fun. Had chronic depression. Did a medical trial which cured my depression, that was fun.

But yes, now I’m diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD and am waiting for meeeeedication. Very much hoping that will help, and help a lot as I haven’t really had a life for my entire 30s. I’ve been writing books, that’s been nice, but the constant rejections from the fiction industry have very much not played nice with emotional disregulation.

Hello! Lovely to meet y’all. I needed to jump on now as if I say things as soon as I arrive, I can push through the awkward stage.


Well, hello @Myk , and welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

Yeah, it’s so much better to have people engaged in the conversation than just lurking. We each have out own interesting perspectives, after all.

Same here my friend . . . :sunglasses:


high fives you
I write books too, but I haven’t actually finished editing any. I’m planning on indie publishing, though, so I can make my own schedule.

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Yeah, the editing is a pain. I really love editing up until the point where the plot and characters are working well but the word-by-word, senntence-by-sentence stuff is still a bit meh. I get fed up with writing projects after about 18 months and need to move on. Before diagnosis I didn’t know why. Now I have a better idea. But yeah, working with indies is very nice. I’ve had no luck with agents and such, but have had a good time with the indies.

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I guess I’m a bit late to say this but welcome! ( I’m also sort of new here so nice to meet ya )

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