Saying howdy (diagnosed at 40)

Hello, everyone. I hope y’all are well. This is my first day here, so I thought I’d hover around the punch bowl and introduce myself.

I was diagnosed at 40 (a few yrs ago). I have lots more to say, but I would like to save more detailed bits about me for specific forums.

I am grateful to be here, grateful for Jessica’s and her teams’ efforts to make this all - how to adhd - possible, and I’m grateful that y’all are here, too. I’m glad I’m not alone.

Cheers. I look fwd to chatting with y’all in the forums…just not on March 15th.


I will join you at the new-to-the-forums punch bowl since I just posted today. 36 and diagnosed like 2 days ago, heh. Nice to meet you!


rock-on, Gryph. Cheers to your courage and to new health. Two days, eh? Wow, how have you been feeling the last couple of days (if you don’t mind my asking; that’s a personal question, and I def get if you don’t wanna answer it, at least in a public forum)?

Take care.


Welcome my friend . . . You are in a good place here.


I am actually full of feels and more than happy to share, thank you. I’ve just been trying REALLY HARD not to overload people. xD

36 years is a very long time to fight against your brain and always low key feel like you’re awful bc you’re always changing jobs on a whim or running late or losing things or forgetting appointments, etc. I am one of those “You’re so smart, why can’t you just apply yourself?” people.

So for me I feel this enormous sense of relief that this is just how my brain works. And I didn’t know that before, so I can forgive myself a lot of things. I’m actually really excited to find new ways to work with the brain I have instead of just always being mad at myself.

I know a lot of people don’t like labels and I get that. But for me it’s actually been really freeing and given me motivation to find better ways to work with what I’ve got instead of fighting against it.


Thank you! <3

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you’re def welcome. It’s kinda a crazy world, and having a community of people living through it through a similar lens to mine helps me a great deal.


thank you, Brooklyn! By the way, if you live in Brooklyn, I was a blink-away from coming up there for the “Bowie Is” exhibit back in 2018. I had booked my air bnb (a short walk from the museum and on the edge of the park). had purchased my plane ticket, but I failed to make it because of poor personal funds management. That kinda broke my heart, because I’m a big Bowie fan, because I needed the break, because I hadn’t (at the time) been to NYC for 23 yrs, and because I love NYC.

Anyhow, thank you for your kindness and warm welcome!