Scared to Talk with Parents


Hi, I’m a teenage girl in high school, and I think I might have ADHD. I’ve been obsessed with researching it and it’s all I can do and think about for the last few days.i have really supportive parents, but I’m still super scared to tell them and even more scared that if I go to get an evaluation I’m actually just lazy and a procrastinator. I’ve had straight As my entire life, and haven’t had obvious issues so I feel like I’ll just be dismissed even though I think my smartness just keeps me from struggling with focus issues. I know I should just tell someone, but I can’t and instead I just keep researching and stressing myself out even more! Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!


Well I think telling them is a good idea but if you’re worried about it, you could always introduce it slowly by just talking about different things you struggle with over a period of time and then when you feel comfortable with it, you could talk about ADHD and show them the research you’ve been doing which makes you think you might have.
But I can tell you as a parent myself, if my son or daughter felt the way you do, I would want them to talk to me about it and not try to deal with it on there own.
Well done for you’re good grades at school, that’s something I always struggled with :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the advice, I started slowly bringing things up and I’m still working up the courage to actually talk about it. Hopefully, I don’t drag this on too long and I just get it over with.


So, we here have all been told (and might still be told!) that we are lazy and procrastinators, not living up to our potential, etc.

As a parent of children a little younger than you, I hope you tell them and that they’ll continue to be supportive.

If it’s hard to tell them it might help to think about before what you expect their reaction to be, what you’d like it to be, what else it might be, etc and then a little about what you’ll say or do in each situation.

Like if you are worried about them dismissing it, what will you follow-up with to keep their attention and make your case?

ADHD is often (usually?) inherited, so it’s likely one of your parents might have it too. That might make it harder or easier to talk about. My suggestion would be to just make it about yourself for now and leave that for later though, but you could think about what to say if it comes up.

edit – one more thing I’d like to add; don’t forget to tell them that this also might be why you are amazing at some of the things you are amazing at (and it sounds like there are plenty of those). ADHD helps make you amazing and also makes some things really hard. The How to ADHD videos are great (obviously). Watching the TEDx talk with your family might be a start?


@ask had a brilliant suggestion. Watch Tid video. As a parent I would be deeply moved if my child struggled and asked for support


Ted :persevere:


Oh hey I get where you are coming from sorta I’m a high school girl too hope all goes well lucky for me I have a ADHD parent who notesed it before I did all I am saying is you can do it be brave :blush: