Scaring people off by being to intense


Is it just me or can other relate on this, if i meet someone new whether it be a mate or possible partner, its all good at the start but then it can be hard to work out where the relationship is going or how the other person feels, then the more direct you get with the questions to try and find out, the more they back off and the less info you get, so get more frustrated not being able to work out where you stand or how the relationship is going, is this a skill that your supposed to have to be able to read between the lines about what is going on?


I’m the same. It’s like a language that I can’t speak that everyone else is fluent in. It’s why fugly girls have hot boyfriends and I can’t get a third date… This is why I’ve been looking into DBT (remember from other post??). Totally relate.

Is it adhd or a comorbidity??


I think that wasn’t someone you connected well with and so yeah that wasn’t feeling it with you, it’s okay, now you know to more on. Maybe instead of asking them questions you can start with sharing how you feel which will lead then to those questions for them next


Cormobidity is when you have two or more different mental illnesses I think


Ex: adhd and anxiety


I don’t think this is adhd Directly I think they could influence the situation. For example you might be moving too fast in a relationship that could be due to Impulsivity or having a lack of self-control. Also people with ADHD tend to have a lack of fear. Now I know what you’re thinking we have people panic attacks there is fear. But we don’t have as many in the inhibitions from fear. While the Nero typical Is often more hesitant and fearful. So you may be more direct and less fearful and your relationships so you’re willing to ask questions Hard Questions earlier on in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with this they’re actually prett questions earlier on in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with this they’re actually many benefits to it you know what you want Can you go after it. It’s simple direct and honest which is a characteristic of many adhder years. However it’s not typical and so if you’re approaching a Nuro typical they could be confused or off put by your approach. So there’s two things you could do here you could either look for someone who appreciate your approach or take it slower for the Nuro typical because that’s what they expect and feel more comfortable with.


ADHD and anxiety