Scatterbrained and loving it...mostly.

As a child I was a ‘dreamer’, often called ‘gifted but disruptive’ in school.
I wasn’t the rowdy hyper running around everywhere type so I don’t think anyone really associated it with anything like ADHD at the time I was just considered chatty and distracted and bright and disorganized and messy.
I did fidget and doodle and make little paper cranes in class when the lesson was oh so boring because I already knew that stuff could we please get to the interesting bits now?
It all made more sense after I had kids, my kids are very much like me and when their doctor suggested ADHD and talked about it with me it all made sense. My mother is a lot like me too and several other family members, so it all clicked into place.

I’ve described the feeling in my head some days as if I were standing in a crowded bustling noisy place, like a busy subway station, there are trains coming and going and people talking everywhere and maybe some musicians playing and I’m trying to pick out a very quiet announcement over a muffled radio while someone is asking me for directions in another language that I only kind of understand - I sort of assumed that processing the world was like that for everyone and I was just especially bad at it. Apparently no, my brain going in ten different directions at once is a me thing.

I have found a few things that help, although they are by no means cures they are tools that I use to wrangle this wandering brain of mine. I find juggling to be a fantastic form of meditation because it keeps just enough of my body and mind occupied to let the other parts take a break for a while. Martial arts can sometimes work that way too- kata can be a form of meditation and in sparring if your mind starts to drift you get punched so you generally have to stay in the moment. The structure and routine of it helps too, I’ve seen it help out a lot of kids as well. Standing still and listening to the instructor and not drifting off can be tricky for me even now though.
I also love art, I can hyperfocus while being creative and lose hours of time, which is a good or bad thing depending on whatever else I need to do with my day.

I have been lurking on this community for a while and reading posts so I thought it was time to introduce myself properly.


Excellently written description of both your childhood experiences and the ‘feeling in your head’. Actually the latter with the busy subway station is one of the best ways I’ve heard someone explain it.

Likewise agree on the hyperfocusing and consequent effect of ‘lost time’. I am coming to firmly believe that this is our super-superpower; but one which is, at least for me, neither fully time consistent nor controllable in terms of what I am able to hyperfocus on and when.

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Welcome! Sounds like you and I have similar experiences …

(Can anyone tell me what’s WRONG with being called a “dreamer”? I never knew there was anything wrong with it. I always heard the same people later say, “Follow your dreams,” or, “What’s your dream career?”, or, “Don’t give up on your dreams!” But then they’d say, “Doesn’t do well because he’s a dreamer.” WTF … seems they like dreams only in certain contexts? I didn’t understand it. Just like, “Soap and water don’t mix” (oh yes they do! they make bubbles! they make soapy water! soap and water DO mix!), it was an expression I never understood, and my reason for not understanding it was, precisely, that I listened to exactly what it meant and knew the words and so on. Strangely, I was actually paying over-attention, not under-attention, to those expressions. … Hmm, just a thought …)

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  1. I also make paper cranes in class!!! They helped me focus, and handing them out as teachers gifts probably made me a little bit more likable :sweat_smile:
  2. Martial arts is amazing and helped me so much. I loved the physical activity especially on frustrating days…
  3. Welcome to the forum @Lessy_Trail! We’re glad you’re here :grin:
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Actually the latter with the busy subway station is one of the best ways I’ve heard someone explain it.

I agree. Some days I feel like I’m a deer in headlights unable to focus on any of it. Others I get irritated and just want it all to stop. Sometimes (like now as I stand outside listening to leaves in the wind) I’m grateful for everything I notice. And others it all just seems to disappear. (Hyperfocus)

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Totally! I can get absorbed in things that interest me for ages and the whole world vanishes, but other times I am struggling to stay in the moment because my mind is wandering completely.

I have always taken it as a compliment. I think the world needs a balance of dreamers with their heads in the air and those with their feet closer to the ground.
The innovators, creators and artists help make big new creative leaps, but the world certainly needs those that are a bit more steady to keep things going too.
There always need to be minds looking at things from new angles and I am happy to be a ‘dreamer’. Keep dreaming!

Totally relate!

Welcome to the forum, Lessy! Happy to have you, hope you’ll like it here!:grin: Great intro, by the way!:wink::+1:

I loved doing taichi with my shifu in Beijing. It was awesome, and a great way to train focus!:+1::blush: