*Scattered* Lesson Planning w/ ADHD

Hi all, I have started student teaching and I absolutely LOVE the actual teaching part!! When the students are there I never know what they’re going to say or the mix of personalities and funny answers they’ll show me! I love them and have a ball teaching them! It’s just this “planning” part I’m struggling with.
My planning is so scattered! I’ve written tiny pieces for most grades, but I haven’t gotten a single thing done. When I sit and try to work on one at a time my mind just seems to go blank and I feel really stressed and frustrated.
I’m teaching elementary music, planning for 6 grades. I took SO MANY HOURS just writing down where each grade is developmentally and what they should be learning in music at that point. I found videos, and songs to teach them different musical concepts through.
Anyone have any solutions to getting things like this done?

While not a teacher, I am an educational assistant and this year am working with three different special needs students. When I’m coming up with ideas I tend to have a million thoughts at once, I keep a pad of paper with me and have a section for each kid. I flip back and forth, brain storm, cross stuff out, make a mess… and then from there, I go through each section and make my plans. It’s not perfect, but the messy brain storming on paper seems to help me.

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I’ve only started teaching for the past few months, and since I’m not at actual teacher lesson planning was an entirely alien concept for me.
I’m teaching English as a second language, and what’s really helped me is making a template for my lesson plans and having a separate one for each of my classes so I can keep track. (It helps that I have to hand them in every other lesson so that forces me to have to write them) But having a ready to use template has really helped me. I’ll put down one of mine, it might give you an idea.