school rant: the saga

It’s only week 2 of school & im already frantic. This is my fourth year in college and I went in like YA I got this shit. I mean for the most part ya, but my adhd meds are out of wack. I just got back on them after 8 years… waiting for the adjusting period & praying for the best.

Side note, any stem people who feel like their adhd is ON an all time when in labs?

When I’m in lab I start hyperventilating and sweating insanely because i asked one of my labmates what the next step was in the protocol and they looked you in the eyes and told you and you heard them and 20 seconds later you asked again. Even though I read the protocol twice/wrote it down/watched the TA do it/ waited a little bit for my friends to do it so I can see—& still Fuq up. It’s so embarrassing, man.

This is me procrastinating on starting my Ochem Lecture & studyingggg for my quiz tomorrow that I don’t have time to study for tomm😪

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Oof this is such a mood. I’m starting chem this year, and our first lab is next week. I’m really worried my ADHD will make me mess up or something…
Good luck with the quiz!!!

Gen chem sucks, but you’ll get through it. You’ll be okay. Let me know if you need help. Gen chem 1 & 2 Lab were super hard for me, but if you have a really good TA or always go to office hours— you’ll be good.


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Ok, thanks so much for offering!!!

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