Selecting the right dose



Hey guys I’m new here,

I was diagnosed with ADD early in 2018. I was first prescribed with 10 mg XR(generic) and it worked miraculously. Things were great in school and I was able to pay attention with ease during lectures. Fast forward 4 weeks and I notice that my tolerance had gone up and the 10mg dose is working against me. I noticed the early crashes so I discussed this with my doctor, a general physician, and he upped my dose to 20 mg. 20 mg worked perfectly and I was able to fly through the semester with A’s and B’s, this was particularly surprising for me since I am an Electrical Engineering major and could only achieve those grades by taking 2-3 classes.

The 20 mg XR (generic) dose worked perfectly and was helping every aspect of my ADD, things seemed perfect. My doctor also allowed me to take an additional 10mg IR dose to help me study in the nights as well up to this point. After the summer I was back in school taking 12 credit hours and was ready to take on the challenge. However during my summer class I noticed that the 20mg dose was getting significantly weaker. My ADD symptoms flared up again and I could start feeling myself get lazier and lazier. I tried 25 mg XR and was only met with adverse side effects. I got extremely light-headed and everything just felt blurry. I switched back to 20mgXr/10IR once again and things felt better, except the dose still felt weak. I even tried vyvance for a week or two and did not like it and went back to the 20/10 adderall dose. I ended up trying methylphenidate and found that it only made me sleepy. At this point my doctor was fed up with me trying medications and refused to see me! He referred me to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist suggested I try Mydayis. Mydayis is essentially the same as adderall, except for a few different chemical differences, and assured me mydayis would be the same. The main point of Mydayis is the “16-hour” controlled release of 3 types of amphetamine beads. She started me off with 25 mg and things felt great for the first couple of weeks. I am also a power lifter so caffeine is essential in my regimen and is also monitored carefully. I noticed caffeine has a negative reaction with Mydayis and causes lightheadedness as well. After the first two weeks I felt myself get even lazier than usual and the tolerance was even worse at this point. The psych later prescribed me a 37.5 mg dose, 3 controlled releases of 12.5mg in one pill, I noticed that I got extremely light headed just like the 25 mg adderall.

It then occurred to me a certain conclusion through all of this. Doses above 10mg were causing me to feel light-headed and dizzy. My question is how do I approach this? Should I go back to 20mg XR with possibly multiple doses of 10mg IR? Has anybody experienced lightheaded-ness with Mydayis? Any suggestions since adderall is essential for me to help with school

Thank You