Self medicating

Anyone tried self medicating either on purpose or accidentaly?

I have been doing so, with after effects being dreadfull !

I believe i have been very stupid but felt i had to do it at the time, each time

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Not sure if “self medicating” but I may have adopted maladaptive coping mechanisms to quell adhd symptoms and anxieties without knowing it had anything to do with my adhd. And while I get that self-medication is usually not a great idea, I understand how coping mechanisms (especially bad ones) can feel compelling (like you HAVE and MUST to do them) because they usually make you feel better immediately at least for a while…

I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to beat yourself up about self medicating.

Maybe knowing why harmful self-medication or tactics feel like they help you (or even knowing why they DON’T) is something that can aid you in taking better care of yourself in the future!

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