Self teaching guitar

So, after 3 years I’m gonna tackle teaching myself guitar once again.


I say this to myself every year. LOL

For teaching yourself guitar I reccomend maybe starting with ukelele because then you can get used to doing things with your fingers and chords and stuff, but it has easier chords (in my experience) and easier to put down strings

So a year and a half ago I walked into a music store and bought a violin. The man behind the counter says to me, “You understand that most instruments you can pick up and be kind of playing music in a week or so. This isn’t one of those kinds of instruments.”

I brought it home and I practiced a bit each day for a few weeks as I normally do and then forgot about it for about 6 months. Then I picked it up again and poked at it here or there. Now I keep the music stand setup next to my desk as a constant reminder. I manage to pick it up for about 30 minutes most days. I recently upgraded the strings and bow, and ordered a cheap electric violin for quiet practice.

It’s slow going, but if I can self-teach ‘the most difficult instrument in the world to learn’ and make progress, there’s hope for us all yet.


Yeap and good luck

I’m a private music teacher, so I teach guitar out of my home. May I make some suggestions? Try to schedule some time to practice a few days a week (15 minutes or so then build up or you will trash your fingers and get bored!) and when you feel like you have a general understanding, meet with a teacher once or twice. We catch things a youtube video can’t :).
Good luck! Guitar is a beautiful instrument.


Thanks for the info (:

I’ve had music training lots of times over, I can read music, but I’m terribly slow at it and can’t focus long enough for it to be a viable way to learn a song,

I am a drummer I’ve had lessons since I was 7,

But playing drums alone can get boring and it wasn’t an effective way to express or work through emotions,

So I self taught Piano, Guitar and 5 String Bass

Because I was so slow at reading music notation that wasn’t drum clef that wasn’t really an option,

My shortcut was pictures, I had a book which had a picture of guitar frets with dots where your fingers go for a chord with the chord name underneath it, that taught me chords, I’d then Google song lyrics with chord names above the words in line with where the chords change, I usually had heard the song I was trying to learn so my memory filled in the gaps,

I did the same thing for piano book of pictures of the fingers on the keys for each chord,

When it came to figuring the melodies id just try notes until they sounded right,

I learnt a couple of songs a day when I was at my most into it and started to see patterns in songs especially the chord progressions which meant if I knew the first chord in a section of a song I could probably guess the rest and after learning melodies through trial and error over and over I got a feel for the distance in pitch vs the distance up the fret board or keyboard,

Now I can guess a song that I’ve heard before on either instrument pretty quickly that I’ve never played before,

Another shortcut is to use programs like guitar pro on your computer, it plays songs you open in it and places dots on a fretboard or keyboard in time with the song and you can slow the song down or choose different instrument tracks to display eg. Lead guitar or rythm,

I’m not sure if you wanna go the traditional learn all the theory route which if that’s your thing and works for you go ahead, I learnt it all and it was very interesting but I couldn’t seem to put it into practice,

So if you wanna learn to just play songs you know you could try my shortcuts,

Either way music is a wonderful thing especially when you go further than just being a listener and get into it yourself,

Keep at it it’s so great once you start to get it like any skill it takes time and love

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