Sensory setups

Does anyone else get really sensory seeking when they are stressed? What sensory activities do you have set up in your house? My husband and I decided when we first bought our house that we would fill the guest room with pillows. We would buy like 10 pilliows a month from Wal Mart, and now it is knee deep in there. We also bought hammock chairs instead of regular furniture, so we can swing as needed. This is coming in handy for our new child, who is very sensory seeking also. We could always use new tools to add to our sensory toolkit.


Not sure if this helps, but I like going to fabric stores (so many different colours and textures) or IKEA (again, lots of colours and textures - with shapes!) when Iā€™m stressed. I find the combo of colour/texture with abstraction of shape in the fabric store especially relaxing.


I like touching different fabrics yarns anything tactile also like going into stores to smell candles.

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