Short films

I am not sure how common this is with brains, but I don’t watch much TV or films as i just get bored and distracted or fall asleep unless it is really really good.

One thing I have recently found though is that I really enjoy watching short films, the fact that they are short obviously helps but also that you have to use your imagination a lot to fill in the blanks which can’t be portrayed within the movie because of the time.

Omeleto is a great youtube channel full of really good short films, worth trying, especially if you are old enough to remember how bad short films used to be, you will be surprised at the quality of the films now.

It has also inspired me to start thinking of my own ideas for short films, which I am working on.



I don’t watch short films, but it’s a good idea. For me, I can start a movie and it can take several days or even months for me to finish. I have several movies and shows that are partially watched in my Netflix or Hulu lists. It’s hard to stay focused and enjoy things, unless I’m either well managed with medication or sleep, or highly interested. I don’t have the patience or attention span for things, even when I enjoy them. I will flit from activity to activity often, and even watch 5-10 minutes of a movie multiple times in an evening or day.


I’m the opposite. I can watch almost any TV show or movie. When it comes to short films,. I can result binge-watch several in a row.

From my youth until about ten years ago, it was like I was a slave to TV. If there was a TV screen on, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, even if it was a long commercial break. This was part of my pattern of “Inattentive” traits in my history that I discussed when I was being evaluated for ADHD.

I don’t know how I broke that habit, but now I can turn away from TV, and it doesn’t take any real effort. (The triggering event may have been when my wife was put on bed-rest due to a high-risk pregnancy, and I had to tend to her needs. That would make sense to me, but I can’t say for sure.)

Of course, one habit is often replaced with another. I got my first smart phone about 6 years ago, and I had an iPod Touch before that. With apps or an internet browser at my fingertips, I think that my on-demand access to entertainment and information easily fills the void where endless hours of TV once sucked my attention.