Should i stand my ground or just give in?

So i let my girlfriend borrow my ipad pro while i am at work since my workload is more dense whereas at her job she just watches netflix at the front desk. So i let her use it since she forgot her computer in her dorm because she slept over.

ok, so she went through my messages and went so far back that she found a message about me planning to destroy her since i got a notice that i was getting reported to the Dean for two SERIOUS COUNTS. She is expecting me to apologize for allowing my friend to call her psycho in my messages and not defending. During the meeting with the school they even mentioned she probably needs to have counseling because she repeatedly breaks up whenever she is mad and throws tantrums and doesn’t listen to anyone during her episode.

I must add that i have been with her for almost 2 years now and i know how she gets but she has been growing/changing for the better but she just took 30 steps back by going in my old messages. Not just that but she even apologized but then decided to come back with more flame.

I said no to saying sorry because if i say sorry then i’m rewarding her behavior of looking through my stuff and also because she is the one that caused it to happen in the first place. Example, if i do apologize, then i’m sure she can always go to my mac, iphone, ipad and look for things and play victim again. like where is the boundary line?? yeah i love her but she shouldnt be going through my things. or at least dont tell me and just get pissed and move on because theres bigger things going on.
ITS THE PAST, like damn who cares, we are together now and been through so much.

I am trying to stand my ground here and work while she is over there trying to make me mad through texts because she doesn’t have anything else to do.

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