Sigh. Of. Relief.


Hi friends!

I’m new here… And to be honest, haven’t been diagnosed (yet), but realized I have ADHD after helping my son (diagnosed at age 8) through his first year of middle school. I had the same struggles, and the more I was reading about “his” diagnosis, the more I said, “that’s me!” … So, I am making an appointment. I think this is enough life without medical support with my own ADHD. I love people… Tell me about you!! I’m looking forward to connecting with people who “get it.” :heart: Be good to yourself.



This forum has been a lifeline to me since being diagnosed and I hope you find the same support here! Welcome!


For one, it’s wonderful to finally hear (or read) someone else struggle or behave the same way as you. I love being part of this community because everyone here has been so loving and encouraging. Also, my daughter is only 2, but I see a lot of the same characteristics between us. Also, also, medicine has been one of the best helps so far. I tell people that it was like putting on glasses for the first time and not ever knowing how badly I needed them. Something to remember (at least in my experience) is that it’s not a cure-all and some days still suck even with it.

Nice to meet you!


So many parents here have put their children ahead of themselves for so long, that they forget to give themselves a priority. And only find themselves when reflected in their children.

I’m really happy for you. It can be such a relief to finally shift from a lifetime of “You lazy, inept weirdo” to “What took you so long buddy? We’ve missed you! Where have you been? Tell us all about it.”

That alone, to me, was more like the “putting on glasses and being able to see clearly for the first time” that people describe for the meds, than when I actually went on the meds.

A huge moment, that took me a few days to even start to process.

Welcome to the tribe.