Sleep... what's that?

I’ve always been an awful sleeper… but now I just started my first try on adhd meds… and it’s worse. I’m hope the side effect fades as my body adjusts… but…

What do you guys do to help you fall asleep at night?

Hi Brittany,

Early days on meds involve a lot of trial and error and patience. Side effects usually do subside, but you should still make a list of them and tell your doctor about them as this will help him or her to assess how close you are to the right dose. Obviously if any side effects become too disruptive or alarming to shouldn’t just make a note of them, you should give them a call!

Very specifically on the sleep thing, my doctor was very strict about never taking any of the pills after 4 pm. If you have an afternoon dose that is close to that time you might want to ask they doctor about moving the times up a bit so that your last dose is earlier in the day.

Apart from that, in general, I am happy and downright astonished to report that I am sleeping better than ever now that I have been taking meds for about a year! This has been the case for several months already!

Before then, things that have always helped are:
1 actually going to bed (sounds obvious but sometimes I used to get into a vicious circle of putting that off and then getting over tired etc)

2 having pen and paper next to the bed so that if my mind is racing and I am thinking of all sorts of things which I mustn’t forget, I can entrust them to the notepad and know they will be waiting for me in the morning. This helped me to let go of those particular thoughts.

  1. (I use this still, quite often, but it doesn’t take long now): I use up the last drop of my brainpower by doing a puzzle, eg a sudoku. It needs to be not too easy and not too difficult. If it’s too easy I end up doing too many and don’t get sleepy. If it’s too difficult I just get frustrated and bored and have to d find something else to do.

Don’t know if any of this is useful, but the main thing is to try to relax about it all. Easier said than done, I know, as this is really a very exciting thing that you’re doing and you have a lot of hopes and fears and expectations riding on it all.

Good luck :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thanks! I love the suggestion of sudoku or puzzles. I’m going to try it tonight.

Thanks for the advice on starting on new meds. I’m also going to star a little jot journal for side effects. See how I feel as time goes. Then bring it to my next appointment.

If you’re noting down side effects, try to remember to note the current dosage and the date. Or better still, draw up a grid for the coming days or weeks/ use a spare diary for this, and more the dosage on that. Then you already have a place to note side effects that is next to the dosage info.

It may seem like it’s easy to backtrack about the dosage because it’s on your doctor’s advice and therefore on your file, but I found this handier as it meant we were both ‘on the same page’ (plus my doctor saw loads of adhd patients and is not always very organised himself…:sweat_smile:).

I started the grid by accident by the way. It was because I was worried I would forget how to build up the dose following his instructions so he gave me some pre printed schedule pages with days of the week on.

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Thanks! Great advice.

This is a awesome thread!!! I try to journal and draw. Then I usually pace around for several hours until I’m finally tired enough to do my devos and sleep :sweat_smile: honestly, what helps the most is having a buffer period. Every step in my routine reminds me that it’s time to sleep so it’s helpful to have a moment to just calm down :yum: