What’s everyone’s bedtime like? My brain is up up up maybe procrastinating from sleep but once the light is out unless something unusual is going on, I am out pretty soon. I look forward to sleep as it seems to be my rest from all the anxiety. This seems different from most adhders experience. Thoughts?


I try for bed at 11pm and alarm at 6:45am.

If my body responds to sleeping the entire way through (it doesn’t) or missing those times (it does) is another story.

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@scot thanks for the reply. That seems to be the usual experience. My sleep schedule is roughly the same. Except I often sleep through, as far as I am aware. I am told I am a deep sleeper, but I suspect it’s only in phases, because even if I “sleep” for 8 hours, I don’t feel rested. Sleep apnea is likely an issue here. I’m supposed to be tested for that soon.

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I go to bed at 10 pm fall asleep around 11 after using TV and news on my phone till I hit the point of exhausted and then I try to pass out before my 36th wind of the day comes and then I’m up till 4am just to have my alarm for work go off at 5am.

I’m yet to find any tricks to help combat the issue. Luckily my body doesn’t seem to be affected from lack of sleep.

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On a good day I try to go to bed around 10:30 and wake up around 6:30. I have a really hard time falling asleep and waking up. And then occasionally not being able to sleep through the night.

When I try to fall asleep my mind is often racing with thoughts and worries, trying to remember what I have to do tomorrow, what I forgot to do today, and sometimes just the hum of random thoughts that have no meaning.

Mornings are terrible…most days the effort to get myself out of bed feels like too much. I also have this weird thing that happens every now and then that is really frustration. (I wonder if other adhders experience it?) I will be partially awake in bed trying to get up and “dream” that I am getting ready and out of bed. All while laying down in bed with my eyes closed. I can spend 15 minutes “getting ready” and then realize I have down absolutely nothing!


Yep, I have done this. Your whole post basically describes me, and is a big part of why I’m a night owl.

Go to bed, brain turns on. All the advice out there is to not look at your phone before trying to sleep, but as soon as there’s no external stimulation my brain goes into overdrive looking for some stressful memory to relive until I’m so tense lying there my neck and shoulders start to hurt. I’ve tried melatonin, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as waiting until I’m about to pass out in front of my computer before going to bed.

Then waking up it’s like I can’t open my eyes (can’t imagine why). I’ll dream a part of my day before realizing that I’m actually still in bed. The other day I awoke from a dream nightmare in which I was having to justify my use of adderall to family and friends. It was pretty frustrating. Sometimes it helps to pull up a game on my phone that demands reflexes and attention, as eventually it will get my adrenaline up enough that I don’t pass out again after 2 minutes.


I don’t go to bed till at least midnight, theres no point, I’d just be staring at the ceiling trying to get to sleep, once I’m past midnight I’m like you and I can usually get off to sleep fine. Its just that going to bed late makes it hard too get long enough to sleep.
I’ve just started ADHD meds and its making sleeping easier but Im tired during the day too now :frowning:


I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who does that. I’ve never met anyone who experiences those types of dreams. It is good to know I am not alone.

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One of the best parts about find The Tribe: learning that all your weirdness is, well, still weird BUT at least you’re not the only one who’s weird :wink:


If I’m going to bed early I go to bed at 11 pm but usually somewhere in between 2-5 am


Getting a routine for sleep is probably a major foundation to helping yourself out.


i usually sleep during day, i dont feel safe sleeping at night due to PTSD and i’ve always struggled to sleep.

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Yeah, I aim to be in bed between 11 and 12 (preferably 11) with an alarm at 7. And it doesn’t matter what time I wake up (sometimes 5) I likely can’t go back to sleep. Last night I was up till almost 1 today is going to be a mess for me. I’m ‘off’ and the day hasn’t even started.

Creating a sleep schedule had a huge difference in my life though, it’s really important and I’ve gotten really good at ‘usually’ getting to bed on time.

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I have certainly done this, my brain has gone through my entire morning routine without taking the rest of me along for the ride!


I tend to go to bed around 3-4am… I’d like to go earlier but I always get a boost of energy around 11pm and feel really creative and energetic and can’t go to bed before I’m so tired that I’ll just crash!
I have been working nights for the last year or so though, so that affects it, but even when I worked daytime my bed time really easily lapsed until the early morning because of this weird boost of creative energy I get in the night time…

No matter what time I go to bed though and how tired I am, I always stay awake in bed for an hour or two tossing and turning before I finally manage to sleep…
I’ve found that exercise, spending time outdoors, sleep meditation, and sleep meditation music have really helped though! But even if I do all those things it’s not guaranteed I’ll fall to sleep any earlier…

And yes, mornings are HARD. I have the same thing than what @wasawasa mentioned, I feel like I can’t open my eyes. And I sometimes think I’m lying in bed awake trying to find the energy to get up, when actually I’m just sleeping again :joy: I haven’t yet dreamt of actually getting out of bed though!
The only thing I’ve found that helps me with waking up is a writing technique I learnt a couple of years ago: I write stream of consciousness for at least three pages in a notebook the first thing after waking up. It’s actually quite effective when I manage to do the whole three pages, by the end of that I’ve had to already stay awake for long enough that it doesn’t feel as hard anymore!
But sometimes I start writing with my eyes closed (it’s very fun to look at the page afterwards :joy:), or fall asleep again after writing a few lines…

It’s so funny that I always struggled with sleep SO MUCH, and I couldn’t understand why, my symptoms wouldn’t match any descriptions of sleep disorders I found online, and now it just makes so much sense. It’s so comforting to know there are others out there who have similar struggles!

By the way, maybe it would be worth making a new thread about it but I’ll just ask here now that I thought of it: for anyone who’s on meds, what type of meds have helped you with sleep? Both with going to sleep and waking up!

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I have similar such problems with sleep as mentioned above. I generally try to get to bed around 10-11.
There a few things that I find really effective, some of which I actually got from reading research.

  1. Set a timer for an hour before you want to go to bed. The moment that timer goes off you don’t hesitate, straight away turn off the majority of the lights. Keep the ones you really need on. The go straight and have a warm shower (not hot but warm). After you get out do something relatively relaxed if you can. Get into bed and just breath deeply.

  2. Exercise is amazing for this. Solid workout in the afternoon and/or morning help wake you you and for getting to sleep.

  3. Do not do anything other than sleep in your bed! Your brain will associate the bed with those activities and that keeps you awake. If you are lying in bed awake then get up and read a book or stretch until you are about to fall asleep then get back into bed. You need to re-train your brain to think Bed = Sleep.

  4. Lists. Write a list of all the stuff you need to get done or that has been bothering you etc, before you go to bed.

  5. Set an alarm and put it on the far side of the room. You have to get up to turn it off. Can help force you into a new sleep pattern.

Hope this helps anyone who is having problems keeping a good sleep schedule.

Good to know it’s not just me struggling with it.


Great tips @That-Guy-Ewan ! :slight_smile:

By the way, does anyone else do this? I’m so bad with snoozing that in the mornings I just turn my alarms off without thinking what they mean. I always set multiple alarms, and the ones with the most annoying noises usually mean I REALLY have to get up to not be late. But most mornings I just hear them, think “ah what an annoying sound, I have to make it stop so I can go back to sleep!” without remembering why I’ve set the alarm in the first place, so I just turn them off and wake up hours later than I’m supposed to… :grimacing:

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I do this. :see_no_evil:

I have had some success with an app called alarmy where you take a photo of something in another room, and then set an alarm which can only be turned off by taking the same photo (so you have to get up and go to that location and be awake enough to line up the photo so it matches).

Even then, more often than not I fail to fight the urge to go right back to bed after turning it off, so then I developed the strategy of setting a series of alarms, one where I have to take a photo of the shower so that then the path of least resistance is just to get in the shower, then one in the kitchen so that I don’t just get back into bed after showering, and finally one of the outside of the door to my apartment, so that I actually have to get out of the apartment on time.

Definitely recommend giving it a try!


That sounds amazing!! Downloading it now. :grin:


thanks ill try it

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