slowing processing speed

I have dyspraxia. My IQ is high. A feature of my dyspraxia is average processing speed,(it is out of sink with my high IQ). Can this feature, exacerbate ADHD, I do not believe it is a feature of ADHD. It maybe a feature of ADHD ?

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Hello, I have had 2 therapists who think I have dyspraxia and I also have problems with processing speed, especially language. I’m waiting for some help with this but that has been postponed due to distancing rules.

On practical solutions I’m very quick, but then the dyspraxia can cause problems, as I tend to perceive things in reverse or as a mirror image to how they are in reality.

Ultimately I can’t say if it’s an ADHD thing as I, probably also have dyspraxia too.

I’m interested in how dyspraxia affects you?

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Hi Neil,

Are you an American national ? I am a British national. Dyspraxia affects me in many ways. I had a little speech therapy, because I had a little verbal dyspraxia. I have poor gross motor coordination, body movements. I passed my driving test after 10 attempts in a manual car. I clumsy. I was never good at sport in school. I was the last to be picked for school sports teams. I was bad at art, drawing and I have had bad hand writing. I could never do DIY and sew.

My processing speed is average, I process information slowly, which includes written, verbal, visual, sound and video information.

My working memory is average is average, it is hard to remember instructions, multitask, organise my thoughts, I lose things more often. This is in common with ADHD. People with ADHD tend to have problems with working memory, I think it is in the executive function.

My perceptual organisation is below average meaning I do not like new situations, I have in a new environment. I think it non-verbal IQ.

In addition I like routine, repitition, I do not like change. I have problems with sensory processing, meaning in a very hot day, eg 100 degrees Farenhiet , I like to wear lose clothes - shorts and T-shirts.
In a very cold day, I have to wear lots of thick warm clothes. I feel the weather, more than the most.
These issues are common with aspergers. I have aspergers traits (borderline asperger syndrome).

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia in the USA are learning disabilities because the IQ is high (in the UK, the terminology is a learning difficulty).


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I’m in UK too, and also assessed for autism first, similar to you they said I had some traits but not all and referred me to ADHD clinic.

I have all the usual ADHD symptoms, working memory etc. but i always had problems with being social and sensory hypersensitivity too. It was a combination of these and other that i was seen for ASD first.

After some ADHD psychology sessions I had the first assessment at Speech and Langusge therapy and was waiting for more test for language and auditory processing and for dyspraxia, but I have no idea when that will happen.

Major motor skills and co-ordination are poor for me, I can do fine detail but I’m slow and need to be very focused. I struggle if more than one other person is involved in a conversation or there is any background noise. Anything regarding language, writing, typing skills are slow for me and i struggle to keep up with what’s going on around me.

Thanks for the links, I think I have looked for sources before but maybe should have another look.

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