Small victories

I posted an intro called “Recently got off medications” and described my struggles since recently weaning off my medications there.
It’s been a struggle to do schoolwork at university and get things in on time, but I’m making improvements, working on making good habits, and I found friends that are helping me through my courses. I think I’m starting to do better.
And as a reward for my hard work, I’ll get to see my fam and doggo when they visit this weekend :3


Aloha @Super_Goose,

I am also in university, my last year for my Bachelor’s! I am so glad you’ve had such a great support system and every victory truly is worth celebrating, you deserve the family time. I’ve found just connection helps at times too!. Have you met any other students with ADHD at your University? Study parties I enjoy but I am also the one who sits in the back with headphones otherwise I’ll talk for hours and accomplish nothing! I had to quit university, and failed multiple courses to get here today. You are a shining example that anything is possible, hold on for the ride and wishing you a beautiful, clear view at the end of your journey.

All the best,