SNAP Natural Supplement

Our daughter (15 years) was diagnosed with ADHD, it is recommended that she take an over the counter medicine known as SNAP - which is a natural supplement, per their website:
SNAP is a natural treatment for ADHD and other disorders including ODD, DMDD, ASD, Anxiety and mood disorders. A well-researched nutrient blend known to help stabilize moods, which calms wild minds and soothes the soul. Pharmaceutical grade nutrients provide safe, effective neurotransmitter support for the brain. When the brain regulates properly, symptoms improve.

Here’s a link to the site:

  1. Has anyone taken this medicine/supplement? If so, what has your experience been?
  2. Does anyone advise against trying this other than CBT, et al?
  3. Anything else out there that is similar that has had a high rate off success before diving into the world of prescription meds?

Thanks in advance for your help and insight as it is greatly appreciated.

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I have no experience with this, but I would approach it with a great deal of skepticism. This kind of treatment has had far less study than prescription treatments, and since it considered a “supplement” it allows the seller to skip the kinds of scrutiny that drugs do receive. In fact, most of the time nobody is even checking to make sure that supplements actually contain what they claim to contain.

It’s your choice, of course.

I can say that I’ve taken some of the vitamins listed in this product, and have noticed no change whatsoever. My understanding is that supplements are generally only beneficial when one’s diet is deficient.


I’ve also taken some of the things in this product as well as some other supplements. The only one that seemed to have an effect was a mineral that I had some symptoms of deficiency. Even then, the effect was fairly subtle and I can’t be certain that the supplement was the cause.

@jetrdone If your second question was about trying the supplement instead of CBT, then I would definitely recommend against that. If you are hoping for something effective other than prescription meds, I would say that things like CBT are the most likely and supplements in general have much lower odds.

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I think the key word here is supplement. The general advice that seems to be floating around the place is that a supplement is only really useful if there is a deficiency that needs to be filled.

I am fairly anti alternate medicine after seeing first hand what can happen to people when they chose unproven treatment over what is readily accepted as proper treatment of a condition.

My personal opinion is if you have an interest in alternate treatment of your condition do it in conjunction with any other proven treatment that you chose. Most times these secondary treatments probably cause little harm but not properly treating any condition may cause significant harm. And of course speak to your doctor before you start taking anything that could impact your conditions or health.

Another point that I will throw out there and is again only my opinion because I am not a doctor is that from what I have read and watched most secondary treatment options are generally only effective in the short term whilst treatment is being received and are often more effective with prescription medication.

ADHD is a neurological “defect”. It’s very likely that you will not be able to fix it and if you can it unlikely that ADHD is the problem. You can only treat the symptoms.

ADHD medications are one of the most highly researched medicines on the planet. And the treatment of symptoms has gone largely unchanged because it’s fact that they are highly effective well tolerated and safe as long as they are used and prescribed correctly

I think the numbers are something like 85 percent of people with ADHD can be successfully treated with one of the medication options.

One of the biggest problems with people being treated for ADHD is the stigma around the condition and medications. And that alone causes plenty of harm and prevents people being properly treated.

If you are worried about medication and treatment dig deep into the condition and how it works in your brain and then dig deeply into the different medications and how they work to treat the symptoms. And if you are still looking at supplements use that knowledge you have gained to see if the ingredients are even capable of working on the condition. And make sure that the information you are reading is based on good solid peer reviewed research.

It’s good to question anything that you are going to try but when you ask those questions make sure you are answering them with good information.

It’s your life that’s affected it’s your brain you are playing with and you don’t want to waste either of them.



I thought of another option for the list. Physical activity has a good research backing for being helpful for the ADHD brain so that would be another good thing to add to the toolbox.

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Yup and for me atleast it works it self out for a majorty of time and its good for all aspects of health not just our adhd

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