So I did things.

I had so much to do and it was all due Wednesday but I’ve done some things so its better now.

So I went into school and asked one teacher for help coz I was stuck on the work (which may have been overdue already) and didn’t know how to do it so she said “send me what you have so far and I’ll mark that and help with the bits you didn’t understand” so I did that so that’s Happening.

I asked a different teacher for an extension on a bunch of work that was all due Wednesday and luckily she gave it to me so there is now less stress lol.

I did another module of the online training I need to do for work. Now only have about 1.5 to do. Still gonna be annoying af and they’re still Not a Good Time but we’re getting there. Might make it in time so.

And lastly, I did some psychology revision. Took me 2 hours to do half of it (there’s only 6 subtopics) and I’m not even sure if it should have??? I feel like it took so long. But anyways. I have two frees before the test so I’ll try and finish it then.

But I did things?? Kinda proud.

Still have a lot to do tho. But we’re getting there.


Way to go on making progress!
I went shopping Wednesday. My foot/ankle was sore from PT, so I sat the packages on the table to put away in the morning. Today is Friday, I need to get ready for PT the second that I pull myself out of this feed. The packages are still on the table. Somehow I lost yesterday. :thinking:

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