So it takes my therapist a mental breakdown to maybe realize I might have ADHD?

Hello folks! Let’s explain myself

So, last year I went to a therapist with the question: do I have ADHD or autism? Well, she said I don’t have autism. But she never said anything about ADHD. While having therapy I suddenly found myself into a very hectic (but short due to my own positivity) mental breakdown. After a few months I kinda recovered from the worst (gives herself a million compliments). I’m still not a 100% recovered, but I’m able to function ‘normally’ again. I sometimes just have a little fallback for like one day.

Last time at therapy, my therapist suddenly changed. We were seeking things through that I still want help with. Since I obviously follow Jessica on YouTube and researched all about ADHD (and hyper focused on it at 3 am. You know the drill), I know A LOT about it. And ever since I’ve been young I knew something about me was off from other people but I never knew what it was. From high school I suddenly realized it might be ADHD. And now I researched a lot I’m pretty confident I have it. That’s why I went to therapy. Well last week at therapy, we were going trough things that I have difficulty with. Suddenly she said: do you have trouble focusing? I obviously said yes, and how I’m also able to hyper focus. Then she asked if I’m impulsive. I said yes again. Then she asked if I had trouble sitting still. Again, I said yes. She never mentioned ever the word ADHD. But my mind was going a trillion miles a minute from what she just asked. Did she really just basically ask if I have ADHD? I was anxious to know if that was on her mind. I still am. She also said things that she took in consideration with the other therapists she works with in a meeting. These included mindfulness and even medication. Especially the medication kinda scared me. Now my mind started racing a hundred trillion miles a minute. Maybe the final word is finally coming out. I have hope. I really do. Maybe something comes out of this that I knew all along. Yayyy! Tomorrow I have therapy again, so then I will most likely get to know whether or not she had it on her mind. But I obviously can’t get too excited, because it easily could also just be something else. But it’s so difficult to not get excited!

It would be so good, not only for me, but also for my parents when that word of me having ADHD comes out. Then I would immediately tell my therapist to make sure to educate my parents. I can do that, but a therapist doing that most likely has more effect on them. Because exactly the things I struggle with are ADHD symptoms and my mother doesn’t understand why I struggle with them. So this would be sooooo good. I just hope for the best. My mother helps me a lot with these things though, but sometimes it’s difficult to do so when you don’t understand it. And I get that. So I don’t blame her. Same thing goes for my father. But it’s most definitely frustrating sometimes.

Soooo stay tuned for tomorrow y’all. I’ll give all of you an update. And do y’all have any tips for when it comes out I don’t have ADHD, even though my symptoms perfectly line up with it?

I love y’all. So let’s break loose down here

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Good luck! I know the struggle of wanting to ask the question but not wanting to seem to eager. When I talked to my doctor (we don’t really have great availability of mental health professionals where I’m at) the looks she was giving me alone told me she knew. She “knew” the first time we met but just thought I was handling it okay. The joke was on her.

It took a full meltdown and a three day virtual coma from a bout of overwhelm to convince her to ask.

Then I lost my insurance and couldn’t really try anything besides Ritalin or Addreral.

Hopefully you get the relief you are looking for. And hopefully putting it all to writing made you feel better like it does me.

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Yeah best of luck. Am listening. Have no advice, but I thought I’d just say, it goes on out there, and what you’re experiencing, although a challenge, is not unprecedented. People (professionals, such as your therapist, included) want to assume that life is “easy” when those of us with ADHD are already “trying too hard” for life to be “easy” like that. Feel free to share more details, to the degree you’re comfortable, because, we are listening here on the forums. :slight_smile:

So, I’ve got my answer

They’re gonna take a look at whether I have ADHD or not. I already have a bonding problem, due to my past. The question is if I really have ADHD or if the symptoms I have are all because of my bonding problem. I doubt that it’s all because of my bonding problem :sweat_smile:

So they’re gonna do something. And I’m really really happy :tada::tada::tada:


It’s great that you get to finally get diagnosed (we hope for the best anyway!)
About educating your parents, I don’t know where you live, but here in Stockholm (Sweden) where I live, as soon as I got my ADD diagnose (this January), I was presented with an opportunity to go to three meetings for newly diagnosed and their spouses (or friends/family). Since my parents live kind of far away from me, they couldn’t come to the meetings except ONE when my mom came along :slight_smile:
As I said, I have NO idea how the adhd treatments works in other countries but that is what I got helped with and straight after those meetings, I got to ‘choose’ different types of therapies (or if I didn’t want therapy, that would be okay too I guess, but I still have my regular therapist I see). So, I chose a CBT therapy and my regular therapist put me on the waiting list for it, so I hope to hear something from them this autumn! (I don’t know how long the waiting line to get into this therapy is)
Anyway, that’s how it has worked for me anyway and thought I could share :slight_smile:

So cool to hear score about someone who’s getting the proper attention for this condition hopefully you will find out soon:)

And about the"I always knew I was different" I have that to… It’s not ADHD for me. I am yet to figure out what it is… I’m beginning to suspect it might be part of 2e.

Best of luck :slight_smile: