SO MANY COOL THINGS!!!! (when you can't pick a project)

Do you ever get those moments when you stumble across something cool! Like really REALLY cool. Are you find something somewhat interesting…but you already have two pages worth of things you were “totally” going to research or learn. You have twenty new books, three playlists worth of songs you HAVE to listen to, 200 podcast episodes that you forgot to listen to, 39 Netflix and Hulu shows you swore you’d watch, and everything else in your day to day life?
Because I have waaaaaaaaaay too many interests that I never get to one. I can’t just choose one because then I don’t feel productive enough! And then my brain implodes on itself and I go absolutely insane!
Does anyone else experience this and what do you do?! How can you do it all or choose the most important?
Help a girl out :sweat_smile:
~Brainic Out~


To both comment and not comment On your statement… I think that dory from finding dory is a very openly ADHDer. And tangential thinking, those words apply to what you said.


Hiiiiiiii, this is my most debilitating issue, for me I feel it’s about being able to let go of some of the things. I just cant. I have tried things like just putting them on a b-list. This works for a while… But with all the new found space/freedom I find more things.

I had a helpful dream the other night…It was me mixing the interests together. And not treating each one as a university degree. When all I really wanted to do was make a cool drum beat, not go to music school. I love drawing and learning languages. So while practicing a sentence and can sketch it too! nice little chunks. A very good friend told me I’m an artist and that I need to make stuff, stop getting bogged down in all the technical stuff. They were in the dream too. This epiphany dream gave me a huge sense of relief. I guess what I’m suggesting is that it may be helpful to imagine yourself doing the thing, what does it look like, why is it fun, do the things your way.

But, I’m yet to put it into practice, I haven’t had any treatments for ADHD yet, and the feeling of overwhelm doesn’t take long to come back in after I forget what I just said here.

I’m going to brain dump and keep what I come up with right in front of me. Hope this makes sense. I realise this is an old thread but I’d love to hear about why this happens and other peep techniques.


I rotate interests and just accept that I don’t have to do things the same way other people do. I am having great success using a bullet journal. The function of writing everything down for the day and at the end of the day seeing what did and did not happen has done a number of things for me.

I can see that I actually get a lot more done than I thought and I can see what things I am not doing and if they are a project I thought I was going to do I can either move it to tomorrow until it gets done or I can move it to a more long term list if I get tired of transferring it to the next day. Every month I look at my longer lists… sometimes I go, “Oh yeah!” and put it back on my daily list. But either way I keep looking at things that have interested me and I can go back any time.

I also dedicate pages to just writing down notions or research prompts that pop up in my head but I can’t get to immediately. I don’t lose them, they are cached on a page in my journal. Seriously, I have gotten a lot done and I have sifted out things I am not doing right now.

And give up any guilt about not doing things the way other people think they need to be done. You can back burner things for years, come back and be successful. Pausing doesn’t mean failure, not for us.

I have relied upon behavioral therapy (mostly done by myself) for 43 years. I have only just now started any kind of real treatment because I am female and my hormonal fluctuations at this point in my life were messing with me too hard. I needed help.

Good luck!

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Yeah! Do things our own way! I love this idea. And using our own systems. And in getting the things out of your head so thy aren’t lost, or re-emerging all the time. It feels so awful not acting on them. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to do them. It feels so awful when i don’t. I do have a new blank bullet journal though, I’ll let that give it a chance to get get going. The patience…

Dark thought: Do I only think these things are exciting because of ADHD…
At least for some things, I know it’s not true because I have never stopped wanting to do them.