Some songs I wrote

So I’ve been meaning to write this post for… well probably about as long as I’ve been a part of this community, so a few years now.
But as you all know, we can be our worst critics, forgetful, unmotivated, and all the rest xD
…so basically, I’ve forgotten to post this for the past 3 years :joy:

I’ve been in this “applying for a new job and thus updating my existence in preparation” -madness for the past two days before the deadline today. And in updating my websites I decided perhaps it’s now or never to post this here too.
(Also, in my defence I only heard of said job 4 days ago, so I’m well impressed with myself that I managed to update everything and send in my application today before the deadline!)

So as some may or may not know, I’m a musician (by education, less so career - until hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:) And as my dissertation project for university a few years back I wrote an EP with 5 original songs in differing styles, where I basically did everything from writing said songs to recording, editing, producing etc.
Now this was at a time before I knew I had ADHD, and I was pretty close to having some sort of mental breakdown due to the amounting pressures of university and being thrown into the “real world” after without a solid plan. Reflecting back on the songs I wrote, now it seems so obviously clear to me that I was suffering from undiagnosed ADHD. (In more ways than one haha, least of all the fact that none of the songs on my EP are stylistically similar lol).

In any case, enough of my rambling! Hopefully you’ll like these, but even if you don’t, I’m content enough with them now that it’s enough for me :slight_smile:

Emppumiilia · Emilia Sundström - Pandemic Of The Mind
Emppumiilia · Emilia Sundström - Don't Make Me Grow Up
Emppumiilia · Emilia Sundström - Intoxicating Brew
Emppumiilia · Emilia Sundström - Sick Of Your Elusiveness
Emppumiilia · Emilia Sundström - Submerged
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Thanks for sharing these @Emilia !

All of them sound fantastic, and it’s a great sampling of your stylistic range.

My favorite one is “Pandemic Of The Mind”.

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Thanks JD! I’m glad you enjoyed them! ^^

Mine too! But they were all really good.

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Thanks! :blush: