Something that has always annoyed me... copying a number sequence!

Hi Brains,

Ok so this is one of those quirky things, and I’m wondering if others also struggle with it.

Scenario: You need to look at a number (e.g. a bank account number) and type it into your phone (e.g. to pay a friend for your share of something, etc). You are certain you’ve typed the number EXACTLY as needed, but you excessively check and re-check because you have a long history in your past of getting 1 or 2 digits either switched or completely wrong.

In reality, I rarely make this mistake as an adult (presumably a mix of maturity and management), but I still obsess about not making this mistake.

Does anyone else experience the same?


Absolutely! The worst is when there is a bunch of zeros in a row!!


Yep, regularly. Always check at least twice, even though I never get it wrong. The numbers are muscle memory at this point, still check…:sweat_smile:

wait this is an ADHD thing? Cause that would explain so much…

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ALL THE TIME. Even when it’s my own phone number or debit card number, I constantly check and recheck and still stress that I did it wrong.

Yep I do this the only way I have found to trick my brain is to is to think of the sequence as a couple of full numbers

I will read it as four hundred and twenty three. And six hundred and seventy eight. That way my brain is confident because it only has to remember 2 numbers not 6.

Brains are weird.


There’s something called dyscalculia that i found interesting to learn about. Not saying what you have is that at all. Might find some tools if it comes up as a problem tho. This website is mostly for childhood but may be useful.

Seems I’m in good company here, yet again :smile:

It’s kinda cool to know it’s not just me. It might be a quirk, but at least we’re quirky together.


Oohhhhhh numbers are evil. Like @MBalog said, I also have a really tough time with zeroes. Not to mention I can’t read numbers in word form ( ex. four hundred is the same as 400 ) they drive me nuts


Yea I got to take a piece of paper or an envelope and cover them up to read them.

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That’s a great idea!!! I’m definitely going to use this trick now


OCD elements of co-morbid anxiety?

I know the struggle all too well in any case. For example: I check my car windows and doors several times to make sure they’re closed before leaving it any place except inside my garage at home; alongside making sure the red light for the car alarm is blinking and my parking pass is in place if at work.

People passing by sometimes stare as if I’m scoping out my car to break into it, campus police passing by definitely slows down to stare until each officer gets used to ‘OCD Steve just hyperchecking his car!’, and life is nonetheless wonderful :grin:


Man today I took 3 hours to do a task that I would usually knock over in maybe 40 mins it was mostly a copy and paste task with every 3rd sequence needing to be copied visually 6 numbers but In a sea of numbers in a spreed sheet. I made so so many errors and would have to start that sequence again. It was just not a good day for my memory and concentration.

I only had a few hours sleep last night I think that had a big impact on it all.


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Hmmm it’s something that would never work in Dutch (or German for that matter).
It’s confusing enough…
eg When saying 78 you have to say 8 first then then the 70…
makes it extra confusing… I can’t even imagine what I would do with a long sequence lolz

YES! I’m totally the same, paying a new bank account is the worst thing ever cause it takes me ages checking and double-checking and triple-checking and checking again I’ve got the numbers right… It’s so frustrating!!