Started as a laugh, then COVID made it real.

Hello friends!

I always joked offhandedly with friends and colleagues that “I’m pretty sure I’m at least a little ADHD.” It was a cute little comment of whimsy; an adorable character trait rather than a debilitating issue. And it was easy to believe that that was it. Everyday life has a funny way of allowing me to gloss over the issues and, for lack of a better term, lie to myself.

Enter, COVID. All of a sudden I’m working from home and doing a job whose goals and objectives were already a little murky to begin with. I figured things would be simple as long as I came up with good systems. I read The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits. I researched and watched YouTube videos about bullet journaling. I figured this would be a personal renaissance for me both personally and professionally.

Then I just kept… not doing anything. One day it was a computer game, another day it was dallying on social media. I was even introduced to the idea of “preparation as procrastination”, where preparing to do a thing can sometimes become desireable over actually doing it, thus the process is subconsciously drawn out. I felt sick when i realized all the days i “worked” might not even be anything except a more robust form of procrastination. I’d organize, I’d clean, I’d plan, but I wouldn’t do. and I couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t just motivate myself to get things done.

Then I had a How to ADHD video pop up during a YouTube binge, and I almost burst into tears. COVID has thrown a harsh light on my mental state, and I see now that I align more completely with ADHD than I ever realized.

So hi. I have some work to do, and I look forward to being better for it. Also looking forward to chatting with folks!


Hey I just wanted to say that I really like your style of writing it’s cool

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Welcome. Can’t help you about the duties of a workplace – I simply abandon all of mine (much to the detriment of my income-stream, obviously) – but I can agree, that it sounds like you might want to set up something more helpful. Don’t worry, generally it doesn’t hurt … :slight_smile:


thanks! it has its moments. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m kinda new at this website but I really want to share my experience.

I was just a high school student who was really struggling to feel the “belonging” among my same age peers because of my attitude at behavior. I didn’t really have the time to really think about it because of my responsibilities as a student and the eldest child. Only because of Quarantine I was able to really address myself properly.

I was diagnosed with ADHD by my Mother’s friend around April - May and I started my medication around late May so I was struggling to adjust to my new lifestyle which challenging. After that, I started to search on Youtube about ADHD and ask my Mother about the things I discovered. The more I researched about ADHD, the more I understood about myself.

Today was the day I came across the Youtube channel; it was a real shocker that the video content were really relatable. I just really hope that after today, I’ll be able to be more comfortable about myself before I face college and adulthood.


I had a similar moment… I was surfing the web, and randomly decided to do an online test for ADHD. Tick, tick, tick in all the boxes.
Then I watched Jessica’s TEDx talk, and I was instantly aware that I was in the same boat.
This forum helped me become more aware of my own personal situation, and gave me plenty more clues.
The biggest thing was reading many other people’s stories, and finally realising that I was no longer alone.
I was no longer just a random weirdo who coasted through life, and failures, while everybody else seemed to handle the simple things I could not.
Now, I was part of a group who had eerily similar stories to my own.
Welcome to the tribe!


Welcome! On your thoughts, here’s a related thought. I think that a lot of us ADHDers are finding the quarantine to be a blessing in disguise. If you want, you can find my rants here on the boards about how much I hate the “normal” world because it feels so much like it wants me to fail, in the way that it forces me to do things “their” way rather than the much more “normal” (to me) way that would be much more successful for me. So, in quarantine, I no longer feel like the “wrong normal” is being forced on me, since all the old normals are gone (for a while, at least).


Well, hello there!

One of the things I struggle the most at working from home is getting personal and work related things mixed so I can’t prioritize things properly, therefore I end up not being able to see clearly what I NEED to do at certain moments, if I don’t have the day at least somewhat planned on what I need to do beforehand I usually have a hard time being productive at all, I try to outline what I need to do the next day at night before sleep because is quiet and usually I’m calm enough to be able to focus in what is important without much of distractions so I try to check what I need to do that day, prioritize the most important and stressfull things as the first one to do that day if possible so I don’t have time to make excuses or get distracted with other things during the day, it usually works for me, took some time to get used to it, but it work great on a day to day basis of short term projects and goals, for more long term projects I try to break it in smaller steps in a monthly/weekly then go from that to my daily outlining as usual, I try not to be strict as in I have to do that in this day, but try to allocate a time frame window to do that thing I want, because sometimes I had others things that I have to prioritize or adhd comes in and messes my plans, or someone else comes in and messes my plan, or it takes longer than I planned, and that way I don’t get too frustrated when my planning gets messed up if I still have some extra time to finish the things.

Hope it helps! :smile:

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This is how I started off, marriage, living with a partner and raising a family are what made it real for me. :sweat_smile:
I’m very thankful I’ve never had to attempt ‘working from home’. Though I will check out the resources you mentioned anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: