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Hi, brains!

I recently reached out to my GP about starting the process for getting assessed for ADHD, and alongside it getting assessed for anxiety and/or depression, and while I was excited about the prospect of finally doing this after so many years, now I have put it all out there my brain has gone into overdrive with worry and anxiety, and my symptoms I experience all seem worse.

I feel very vulnerable and it is very scary now I have opened up for this, did anyone else feel this way when they started looking for assessment/diagnosis?


I definitely have experienced anxiety when reaching out. “What if they don’t believe me? What if they think I’m just seeking meds? What if I’m wrong? Maybe my problems aren’t as bad as I think. I should just get over it.”

I think some anxiety is normal. The fear that we’re going to be judged or be told that we’re wrong for feeling and thinking the way that we do. That being said, it’s been rare that I’ve experienced those results from providers. Most have been supportive and curious. Some have been dismissive at times of what I say, in which case I’ve left and gone to different providers.

I’m glad you’re taking this step. I would say to prepare yourself prior to the appointment with a list of things you want to cover and say. Be prepared for questions they have about what brought you in, what you think is going on, and what you’re looking for. Specific examples of struggles and symptoms are important, but also going with an open mind. It’s not likely that everything will get diagnosed or fixed in one visit, or even a few. Be patient with the process, and be kind to yourself. Good luck!


@Joshua_Hart , like @quietlylost said, the diagnosis is a process.

I actually felt relief when I got my diagnosis, but then again…I was going through major anxiety (due to work issues, but ADHD may have been a contributing factor) when I finally asked to be evaluated. It took about 4 visits over a 6-8 week period before I received my diagnosis. (And then my doctor also evaluated me within a week after that.)

I had to be treated for the anxiety first, and then re-evaluated for ADHD, before my doctor started me on ADHD medication.

It’s okay to have some reservations about the process. There is no black-and-white test for ADHD, but rather an assessment of how much you’re impaired by what traits, as part of the diagnostic criteria.

Be honest, and be your authentic self.


@quietlylost @j_d_aengus

Thank you both for your thoughts and your advice, you two and the other people on this forum make it such a nice space to open up about these things, and a helpful place too.


Did you get diagnosed with ADHD whilst you were being treated for your anxiety, or because part of the critera for an ADHD diagnosis is that “it can’t be explained by other things” was it more of a case that they had to help with the anxiety to see if the ADHD symptoms remained?


This is the reason I still sit here not asking my parents beating myself up about it.


I really agree this place is Amazing and I am glad I found it. I do wish there was a public discord ran by the How to ADHD team but I 100% understand that takes a ton of effort and time. I mean I just had to close down a server of mine due to time and money and just my mental health situation. The one thing i like more about having a discord server is voice calls but also on these forums no conversation ever gets lost

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I had known for years that I had trouble with time management, organization, prioritization, distractibility, and working memory. I’d tried books, courses, systems, vitamin supplements, all kinds of things… And I saw very little improvement.

Then I wound up with anxiety from problems at work which had been going on for years. I finally decided to get counseling for the anxiety, and at the same time I asked the counselor to evaluate me for ADHD. A couple of months (and several counseling sessions) later, I had a diagnosis of both anxiety and ADHD.

My doctor confirmed both diagnoses and started me on medication. (The anti-anxiety medication worked wonders, but it took months of trial and error before I got the ADHD medication I’m on now.)

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