Stim attacks?

Question what for everyone who stims: do y’all get “stim attacks”? Like when you need to stim really bad and you get all shaky and tensed up…

I’ve been dealing a lot with them lately and I have no idea if I’m the only one

( stimming: self regulatory behavior that is present in all humans but most noticeable in neurodiverse individuals who tend to present differently. Examples include groaning in annoyance or flapping because of excitement )

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What sort of stims do you have? Would shaking your arms to relieve the tension help at all? Can you learn a sort of work around or make your stim smaller?
Does that make any sense?

I clap when I’m excited/nervous. I don’t stim much really. And I don’t think I’ve ever tried to stop myself :thinking: so I’m not sure how that feels. Sorry I can’t help much.


Uummm, mostly flapping or rocking. I will occasionally hum though.

Yeah, shaking helps to release some of the pent up stress.

I can stim in other ways, but it only holds it off for a bit…

It’s not a physically big or obvious stim. Basically, my whole body tenses up and I’ll shudder for a moment. Then it repeats, never last very long though, just a few seconds.

Yes that makes perfect sense

The thing is, I can sorta control it publicly, I’ve never had a “fit” in front of someone else ( this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it :sweat_smile: ) it’s just very disruptive when I have downtime.

Don’t worry! I honestly feel better getting to talk about it :blush: ( and, it’s got me thinking so hopefully I figure it out soon )

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I wonder if some fidget toys would help?
I have some quiet ones which are great for keeping in my bag so I always have them.
I find something squeeze like slime is also very soothing. A small pot is easy to carry around. I have one for my son which is about the size of a pack of gum.

I also learned to crochet to keep my fingers busy. The problem is I now have a huge pile of wool to use :laughing:


I also think a lot of people don’t notice many stims.
Those that do notice probably get it so they definitely should not be judging you.

Have you heard of stick-man cards? They have useful cards to hand to people when you’re really struggling to communicate. Some autistic friends of mine use them. In fact one says she has been carrying them for years and just having them makes her life that bit easier, so she hasn’t actually used them yet.
Just another idea for you.


I’ll try it! That does remind me of something. I used to take a decent amount of rope to school to make knots with and whatnot. Maybe I should start doing that again :thinking:

That’s really encouraging thank you!

I’ve heard of them, but never by name. Sounds super useful!! I’ll definitely check it out :grin:


A bit of string to knot is an excellent idea! My son had some thin plastic tube like string… it was from his therapist. I might see if I can find some to add to his school fidget kit. Thank you for that idea!! :blush:


No problem! Looking back on it, I’m surprised no one thought it was strange for a child to be carrying around a pile of rope longer than the classroom :joy: