Stop working


Can someone please give me tips on how to stop working? I want to go to bed before 22 because I have to get up early. But most night I get so caught up in my homework that I won’t go to bed till 23.30. This evening I just ignored my pomodori (I have an app that snoozes) so that doesn’t work anymore.

I also asked my mum to tell me to go to bed (I am 25, yes living at home) but she has ADHD too so she tends to forget.

Please help! Any tips are much appreciated!


Gentle reminders, have a friend remind you that you should be in bed.
Rewards: more sleep!
Telling yourself that you can get back at it in the morning.

It’s hard to break those hyperfocus moments, I’m guilty of it as well but those tips have helped me


When I know the answer, I’ll let you know…


You can try setting up a going to bed routine that helps with winding down. Things like writing in your diary or BuJo for 3-5 minutes, breathing exercise (a minute or two), or meditation, brushing & flossing teeth, etc. And not starting anything new in the hour or so before bedtime that can get you hyper-focusing.

Basically something light that you can look forward to and eases the transition from brain on to brain off. Your brain is not going to switch off instantly so give it something to do!

And if you forget to follow your routine, you can try again the next day instead of beating yourself over it.

Asking someone else to remind you won’t work because then you’ll wait until that person reminds you and if they don’t, you will feel like blaming them even though you know it’s your responsibility.

It may take a while to come up with a routine that works so you may have to experiment a bit.

This is more or less what I try. I still don’t always follow it but when I don’t I miss it now.


I actually have a tip myself. I found it on a youtube channel after I posted this topic so I will share it.

I installed an app called Habitica. It’s an app that keeps track of your habits and makes it like a game. You make a character and you recieve health and coins for good habits or completed tasks. You lose health when you don’t complete a task and for bad habits. With the coins you can dress up your avatar with cool armour and swords and stuff.

I used it one day and it really gave me the motivation to get to bed early because I want to have the bigger sword.

I think this one really work for us brains. It makes things fun.


I’ve had so much trouble with this. Recently, I got a really good tip from the ADHD Rewired podcast for this type of transition: just pause and take 5 deep breaths. More often than not, I find that it breaks through hyperfocus and makes it much easier to leave behind what I was doing.

Also, when I find I ignore a reminder or alarm, I set more of them. In different apps, at 5 minute intervals, with increasing intensity, so the last one is the most disruptive. Maybe even get one of those alarm apps that makes you do something to turn it off, like take a picture or solve a math problem. I have no hesitations about overkill. Over time, whatever I’m trying to do becomes more automatic, and I can “downgrade” my alarms.

Also, I second what @khagen suggested about having a bed routine-- and I’d be sure to build in plenty of time between stopping work and your target bed time to do it.

Coincidentally, right now I have to try out my own advice and transition to walking my dog :smile:. She’s knows it’s time, and she’s starting to make noises.