Stopping my adderall medication



Hi everyone, I want to know if anyone has stopped taking their stimulant medication and why. I’ve been on it since 2002 and now I feel I can’t do anything unless I’m on it. When I’m not on it I’m tired and sleep a lot. My brother thinks I should stop taking it. He doesn’t think I need it and that I’m focusing too much on my disorder. What do you think I should do?


I think if you are thinking about stoping any medication that you have been on for any extended period of time it’s somthing you need to talk to your DR about. Unless your bother is a psychiatrist I probably would not be taking any serious medical advice from him.

From what my DR told me when I started on meds suddenly stopping stimulant meds can have some fairly serious effects on your brain and body…

I understand how the people around us can react about ADHD and especially about medication but the truth of the matter is that unless they have ADHD they really have no idea how it helps and how muddled life is without it.

In the end the decision is yours it’s your brain. Just don’t rush into a decision like this. Take your time consult with a DR and think it through.



I will discuss with my doctor. I like my doctor and he the first doctor I met that’s educated about adhd. We talked about what if I stopped and he said I would have a small withdrawal for few days to a week and that was it. So I’m concerned my doctor may not know everything. What do you know about side effects and about it affecting the brain. I don’t want to stop my medication because I know what a difference it makes but my brother I am very influenced by and his concerns make me then wonder if I should listen to him.



I take medication, and have done for around 3 years now. The only time I every go of my meds is at the weekend. Please please please PLEASE don’t stop taking it because of your brother.

I understand if he’s worried, but if he’s worried about the actual disorder, EDUCATE HIM!

Never stop taking the meds your doctor prescribed, unless the side effects are worsening, or it’s causing more harm than good.

However, if you think it’s a good idea, talk to your doctor. :blush:


I am not a doctor either so it probably not a good idea to give advice on specifics of medications. But if you look up the Data sheet for your specific medication it will probably have the information your looking for.

The idea I am trying to make is the decision is yours but make it with good medical advice. And don’t let people influence you to make those decisions if they don’t have relevant knowledge.

I am only new to this ADHD journey and I am already really bothered by people that have little or no relevant experiance giving misinformed advice. Mostly because if I had have listened to them I would have made decisions based on rubbish advice.

Your brother no doubt is trying to do what he thinks is the right thing but his good intentions might be based on emotion or inaccurate data.

Take your time talk to the doctors. Read a lot trust me there is huge ammounts of good information out there. ADHD and it’s medications have been around for a long time and is extremely well researched. If you have access try talk to a psycologist that specialises in ADHD.

Good Luck



I am in a similar situation. I have been on medication since I was 7 years old. I dont know how to do the smallest thing like getting out of bed without medication. In fact, I simply do not care. However, it may take some time and really pushing yourself but I believe it is possible to regain some control.
I dont think medication has been studied long term as extensively as short term and i think there is a reason for this.
I struggle to know who I am and feel adequate. I however want you to know that thinking you can’t do something will only prove you can’t. I believe you can regain the energy. Allow yourself to withdraw and then exercise. Even walking at first. Eat moderately and resist the urge to over eat.set small goals.