Strategies - what do you guys do that have helped you improve on things you needed to improve on



Right now I’m thinking of my work and how to get better at my job driving uber/Lyft. I watched a podcast that talked about strategies, it’s become my favorite word of the week. I’m interested in hearing your stories about things you’ve done to get better at something you wanted to improve on


Practice! :grin:

But also: breaking things down into the different parts/aspects and focusing on only one at a time.

This is something I find really hard :confused:

Having a coach for the skill in question has helped me a lot. Most recently it’s an adhd coach, but in the past this has been a mentor in my workplace.

Edited to add:
The coach not only helped with tips, but also helped to put the brakes on and reminded or encouraged me to practise just one thing at a time.


I’m not sure this can be applied to Uber driving but in all the creative/productive fields I’ve picked up, I needed something to apply my skills to. A little project that I was really interested in and looking forward to.

  • Having a funny idea for a comic led me to learning to write that; having an audience for these comics led me to learning how to generate new ideas as well as becoming more skilled at turning them in on time and more regularly but still good enough for people to want to read them.
  • Having websites to maintain taught me html and later php and css, and when I did a course to actually get good at that I chose overdue websites as projects so I could actually use the stuff I practiced.
  • Back when I was still trying to be a musician, I’d pick up the skills I needed to play my next song as I was writing it. (Just coming in from that thread here in the forum.) When I started out, still learning chords, I tried to write a song for each new chord learned until it became weird. Should have done the same with techniques. Never learned proper techniques.

Stuff like that. This won’t get you all the way, though - there’s a limit to what you can come up with yourself if you don’t have the skills to see what else you could come up with if you had those skills - but I can’t learn anything if it’s just a big pile of data. I have to make it live.


Yes focusing on one thing at a time is what I realized I want to do too. Next week I decided I will drive everyday to one area of town to get ride. After a week going everyday I will hopefully be able to learn that are better and know when it’s the best times to be in that particular area to get the most business


I too have noticed I learn more when I just start doing it and practice. Talking to people who can give me advice and tips really helps me too. When I’m new at something and someone gives me advice, After I’m always like why didn’t I see that or know that? A lot of things that may be obvious to others aren’t for me until they show me. So haveing a mentor is really important in I want to get better at something


Meds… I can’t do my job without them.