Strattera ( Atomoxetine) - Dosage Schedule Discussion

I have been on strattera (80mg) for 4 months now. I want to see how others took their dosage.
These are my dose sizes
I take the first when waking up and then the second after 4-5 hours.
How do others take it?

I have tried one stimulant (Ritalin LA) for one week

I reacted very poorly to it. Insomnia, hyperactivity when it wore off, and inability to focus on or off the dose.

It has stopped working as well recently

It has dropped off in effectiveness sharply after the 4th month. I am studying engineering and it’s hell not having this work anymore.

I want to know any tips to improve the efficacy of the drug.

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My best advice is to work directly with your provider. Talk openly about what your concerns are, and note the things that make you think a medication is or isn’t working. Try to track things as closely as you can, either with a journal or an app or a log. Try to keep records that help you and your provider understand where the challenges still are.

Medication fine-tuning can take a while. My other advice is to be patient. It may take some time to get things right.

I don’t have experience with Strattera, only Wellbutrin and Vyvanse so far.

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