Stress and Medication

Hello! I just got diagnosed last month and I’m on day 7 on Adderall XR. Since this is all new to me, I wanted to ask if anyone knows if stress can affect how well the med works? I feel like earlier this week I had such a dramatic change on the med and then today I felt like a hot mess at work. I was more scattered, forgetful, stressed and not as calm. I started the week with a lot of hope and now I feel discouraged.

Thanks so much.


I can’t really speak on your question exactly since I only recently started medication (vyvanse) myself. I can say that my symptoms do worsen with stress (when I was not on any medication). I have had one really stressful day since I started vyvanse last week, but it was less than my normal stress induced symptoms.

I’m not a doctor, but it’s possible your not responding to this particular medication. 20% of us don’t positively respond to Adderall or Ritalin. Another thought are the side effects. I don’t know about this kind in particular, but I know the kind I’m on may worsen anxiety.

These are just things to think about, and you should absolutely talk to your doctor about how you’ve been feeling.


Only if I don’t get enough sleep I become way more sensitive to stress. And get a touch of anxiety.

7 days in is so so early in the scheme of things it takes time to adjust and find the best med and dosage. Keep notes and talk to your doctor I think only just now I have found the sweet spot with meds and it has taken almost a year of trials to get this far. But I have taken it very slowly.



If you are on day 7 you might not be at the correct dose for you, yet. The good response earlier in the week is a very good sign


^ This. Give it time. Work with your provider. Only time and your feedback will tell if this is the right medication for you and what the ultimate right dose will be. Medication can be very effective for most people, but it takes some time to get there.


Still trying to get used to how to reply on here lol.
Thanks! Just so I don’t have unrealistic expectations, when you are at your sweet spot what does that look like for you? I know everyone is different but I’m just curious how you feel when you have the right dosage.

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Describing the feeling i think is counterproductive because everyone has a different experience from medication. I think the best advice is finding the point where the positive effects are worth any negative side effects. Thats why i am a big believer in a slow and steady approach to adjusting meds. For me i like to really understand what is happening to my body and brain before i move on to the next dose / medication. I kept a daily journal at each change for a couple of weeks of how i felt and how it changes the ADHD symptoms plus any side effects and shared that info with my DR.

That let me draw on his experience and helps me remember what it was like before . I think i am quite lucky with my Doc because he takes every bit of information i provide into account regardless of how small and insignificant i think it might be.

The thing to remember is that its your brain you are playing with and its a complex machine so small adjustments can make a significant change. And i have found that the better my ADHD symptoms get the more aware i have become of the effects of meds because my brain now has more spare processing power to think about it all.

That instant improvement that heaps of people feel when they start meds and the worry they feel when those effects seem to fade starting doses seems to be common from what i have read around here. But for 80 percent of people with ADHD stimulant meds will provide a good outcome. My biggest worry through the whole process was the worry i had when the Dr picked up that my blood pressure was getting a bit high with Vyvance and I thought that this little gift might be taken away from me. But we found a way to deal with it and as i said now i think i have found where i think i should be in relation to medication and dose.

In short its a process that takes time and the key to it all is be honest with yourself and your Doc whilst working through it all and invest the time to find the best option for yourself.


meds vairy for everyone and how long it last and how it works during times of stress
Most important word is VAIRY cause every person is different

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