Struggling right now

Really struggling right now with my symptoms they’re really effecting me and it’s making me depressed.
it’s normal for me to have peeks and troughs in regards to how strong my symptoms are, although they are always present, unfortunately rn they are really overwhelming me and I feel helpless (which I hate), I have no motivation to do anything and I can’t even focus on the simplest of things, I am staying up all night, skipping work and forgetting to eat and drink, my mind is racing with unintelligible thoughts, I feel completely drained even though I’m not doing anything.
I know the things that I should be doing To help but I just can’t seem to do them.
I am still unable to get a diagnosis or any medical help at all, I am lucky though that I have an amazing wife and kids who are keeping me going.
it’s difficult to explain To my wife what’s happening but I know there are people here who will understand.


Sorry that things are so difficult for you right now.

I understand. WE understand!

Despite all of the inertia . . . you posted here :+1:!

So good that you have a support system at home.

I think of us all as an empathetic and mutually supportive BOBs (Bunch of Brains) :sunglasses: . . .

Please let us know how you are doing. Good times and bad.



Sorry to hear that…

Just a shot in the dark here, I’m in no way an expert…

But… Does coffee help you at all? If you aren’t on medication, a stimulant may help. I find that coffee can help me, although as with any other substance, moderation is the key.

And of course, as with any other substance, there can be health repurcussions.

So don’t go drinking sixteen coffees, with RedBull chasers over 24 hours. Go easy, and try it on for size if you choose to.

Might only be a bandaid on an axe wound, but maybe it could take someof the rough edges off?


Thanks for the support Barry, I’m going away for the weekend and will be surfing which Always feels medative and healing for me, I’m hoping it will give me a chance to reset my brain.


Thanks Smoj yea I’ve been using coffee which normally helps focus the mind but unfortunately not working


Bummer… Hit the surf then. That’ll help.

Don’t let the sharks bite…

Remember, if they get frisky, smack 'em in the nose…


Thanks man that made me laugh about the thought of fighting a shark, Luckily I’m in the uk so not many sharks here but tbh how I’m feeling I wouldn’t rate the sharks chances anyway :grin:


Noooo… You guys sent them all to Australia in convict ships… :wink:


Sorry to hear things are so tough right now!!

I’ve been struggling with similar moods recently, and found that it really helped to push myself to do the things I love! If you’re feeling depressed and not very motivated, I know it can be hard to even do things you enjoy, but if you just manage to push yourself do it, it definitely makes a difference.
Any hobbies you like, or maybe you could even start a new hobby? Exercise always helps too!

Also, I’m in the same boat of still waiting for a diagnosis… It’s so frustrating having to wait so long and not get more help, and have to keep second guessing if it even is ADHD or what if it’s something else…

I also really recommend looking for some therapy while waiting for a diagnosis! I just started with a new therapist and I’m so excited to get at least some help, it won’t be a treatment for ADHD symptoms but at least it will help manage all the difficult feelings surrounding that!


Thanks violet I am actually going surfing this weekend and am hoping that this will help as it’s one of my favourite things to do.
Not having a diagnosis unfortunately adds to the problem, I don’t know why getting help with a diagnosis has to be so hard.
I recently injured the nerves in my hand and I got an appointment the same day I rang and within a month I had had a scan and saw a specialist for tests, it amazed me that this fairly minor issue was treated so fast and yet the real problems I have are not seen as important enough to get any help at all.
Thanks again for the advice, appreciate your support.


I have been trying a daily 5-10 meditation in the morning that seems to help. Basically

  • sit up straight, hands on knees
  • try to keep still
  • breathe regularly and deeply. exhale slower than inhale
  • observe my thoughts and not get tangled up in them
  • note the sounds around me (easier as the mind calms)
  • bring attention to my heart (I imagine waching a lamp there that glows rhythmically). Some people watch their breath
  • chant OM a few times (start with an open mouth and “aaa” sound from deep in your throat, end with lips touching to make the M sound and hold the vibration for a while)
  • then mentally chant it for a minute or so (no actual sound)
  • then just sit still for a few minutes
  • end after 5-10 minutes

The days I have tried this have been less chaotic and mind much more calm and focused for the rest of the day. I’d be interested to know if/how well this works for others.


Have fun surfing!! :blush:

Wow, yes the differences in the level of treatment for mental and physical health are huge!!! I’ve always got seen very quickly with any physical injuries too, but waiting for mental health services can take years unless you’re literally suicidal or seeing/hearing things… So sad it has to get to that point before it’s considered ‘urgent’. And ADHD can continue to wreck our lives, jobs, and relationships, but still it’s not urgent enough for the system… It’s frustrating.

But hope it gets easier, and you’ll finally get some help soon! At least there’s always the forum to come to when things get hard :slight_smile:


Just been night surfing in the dark and I saw a seal lol just what I needed, feeling pretty good rn I hope it lasts :+1:t3:


Hi Samuel!

I have been on a stimulant for about two years. My first pill reminded me of when I put on prescription glasses for the first time. I actually could see the things I wanted to do again – clearly. And, I started to do and finish them. All within an hour of taking it. Really.

Before the medication, my main problem (out of many problems) was the lack focus on what I had to do and the desire to even start. It sent me into a deep depression. A very dark time for me. It got so bad that I started stabbing my arm with a paperclip. I would promise myself I would stop the pain when I started the project. I immediately realized that this was not a healthy solution and I reached the point that I needed more help.

However, there was a big wall in getting that help. My doctor kept diagnosing me with depression and put me on antidepressants… which made me feel worse. When I told them that my health was decreasing, their response was that the antidepressants could take 3-6 months before I started feeling better, so I waited. After the 3 months, they told me I need to see a specialist before they could do anything more. That specialist would take over 3 months to just get in. My wife, who could see that I was at the end of my rope, told me to find another doctor for a second opinion. I did and he put me on stimulants immediately. After a few tweaks in the medications, I was functioning somewhat normal… and my tools to help focus and improve motivation were working again. However, everyone is different and you need a good doctor to listen and have the knowledge of ADHD’s medications.

In the first doctor’s defense, ADHD medications seem to be very abused substances. I heard that kids claim to have ADHD just to get the pills to sell them in their schools. So naturally the doctors have a fear to prescribe them.

Right now I’m hitting another wall and I know that I need some more help. That’s how I found this support group. I have also started seeing a therapist that specializes in ADHD.

I hope you get the help you deserve.


Welcome to the “Tribe” . . .

Sounds like you have things under control, you know what you need and advocate for yourself! :+1:


Sorry only just saw your reply, I got my diagnosis in the end, and i am doing much better now, thanks for the support, hope you got over your wall :+1:t3: