Studying "Routine"


I am a college student who is really struggling to find effective ways to study. I laugh as I write this topic title because I think nothing a person with ADHD does resembles a routine. I just would like to know what study tips the community has. When you sit down to study exactly what do you have in front of you? How do you begin? How, where, when do you study? What works and doesn’t work for you? How long and how much do you study? How do you take notes? Do you study with groups? Do you have any tips for studying in a group? Just share anything and everything you have. Finals are coming up so fast!


For me, it’s all about the physical. I’m a software developer, so it seems strange to say “no devices” to study, but I need to have a physical book to write notes in. I write the notes in whatever format appeals to me at that moment. Some times it will be lists, sometimes it will be little boxes all over the page. But I have to “do” something while I study to get it to stick in my head.

Once I’ve written it, it’s time for the highlighter. I go over everything I wrote and highlight what’s most important. Again, “doing” something helps me focus.

Then I try to find the right about of background stimulation to keep me focused. Music, from ambient to hard rock depending on what I need, at whatever volume works for me at that moment (it can change multiple times in a study session). A fan to keep my skin cool and stimulated. Sitting, lying down, upside down. Pacing, dancing. I can’t do podcasts or youtube, or I’ll watch that instead of studying, but I have to have more stimulus to keep focused.

Sometimes, I read my notes or the text out loud. Whatever you need to maintain the right level of stimulation so you can focus.


Thank you so much! Those are all great ideas! i tend to like studying with a pen and paper and a physical books rather than with technology. I will especially try talking out loud in order to maintain focus.


Personally when I can I put on headphones and turn it up…

My high school teacher used to let me listen to music while doing work because it took away all other distractions. I still do it to this day whenever I need to really focus on something. Doesn’t always work but it’s helped


My mother never understood when I told her that listening to music or having random tv on in the background HELPED me focus on studying. She was certain they were just distracting me more and often complaine, so much so that I internalized it and stopped using it. I eventually started again, of course, because it helps.


Hey Abbey, I believe that ‘Study Routine’ is something that doesn’t develop or pop out over night or on a single go. I have been through your profile and found that you are a student from nursing background. The main motive to help ourselves to make a study routine happens from the inspiration on a topic/subject. For instance, learning about an ECG machine (which is mandatory for any nursing student to learn I strongly believe) at the moment could be quite boring but think about reasons for ECG machine requirement and it’s importance in nursing and I’ sure you will find youtube videos and plenty of articles about it. Always have questions about a topic you are about to start, the increase in curiosity level is directly proportional or integral proportional to your questioning curiosity. Note down all the question that you have and starting working on them one by one.
Spend time over more questions, believe me you will learn much faster than you think. We are gifted with ADHD, the more hunger we are the more integrally productive/focused. Wish you good luck. I can’t assure you this stand later but I’ll try my best, you knew why rite!? I can’t guarantee the same attention (ADHD).
I just explained you my way of approach and examples from few articles I have been through a while ago.
Hope this helps you also celetic music helps me motivate, inspire. Sound waves are magical.


Wow. I really like this approach/way of thinking. Thank you very much!


Thank you!


Thank you!!!


One thing that has helped a little for me (along with many mentioned here, particularly psychically writing things down) is moving my hand over the paper as I’m reading. I’m a scientist so I need to read a lot of papers, but I find I can easily do the motions of reading, follow the words with my eyes, etc, but not actually take anything in. I find if I swing my hand across the paper, in like a windscreen wiper motion with my fingertips touching the paper, it gives my brain that little bit of extra interest to pay attention to the page.
I also listen to video game music because it doesn’t have distracting lyrics and it is actually designed to push you forward while keeping you doing the same task, ie playing the video game.


I listen to that, too, but never thought about the reason it was so effective. Because it was designed that way! Great insight.