How do I get myself to study? My GPA depends on straight As


Well I can say one thing: stay out of your comfort zone for a while. By that I mean if you live in a residence hall or apartment, get out of your room. It’s not a good idea to study where you sleep. If your school is not conveniently right next door to where you live, you’re in a better place than I. Anyway, music usually is a good way to remember things. Take a catchy melody and play it whenever you’re practicing a certain subject. Another thing you can do is find a tutor or make/join a study group. Scary if you have anxiety but joining up with a friend of mine has saved my grades more times than I can count. When it comes to homework, see if you can make it a game. “How much can I get right in an hour or so?” If you get stuck somewhere, mark where you got stuck and write that you need to ask your teacher or tutor some questions.


I’m in the same vote. Last semester my GPA dropped and I really need to get it up. Wolf has some great advice. Some things that I’ve been doing lately to help is talking to my mom and let her know where I’m at with assignments, so she can help me be more accountable. I have a diffuser so I like to put in a focus blend which actually helps sometimes. I have also been using an app lately that has been motivating for me. It’s called forest. You set the timer for how long you want to work and if you work for that amount of time you grow a tree or bush, if you leave the app to do something else on your phone, the tree will die. Its nice because it helps me track my study habits. I do listen to music when I study sometimes but for me it’s not always helpful for paying attention, even if there is no lyrics. But I do often listen to background noise. some good places I have found are,, (which I discovered here from another brain), and there are some good channels on youtube. I hope you find something that works for you.