Switching from Ritalin to Vyvanse

Hey Guys and Gals,
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 41 and am now 45. I have been taking 20mg of Ritalin 3 times daily. I have recently switched to Vyvanse and my doctor has me on 20mg daily. I don’t feel like it is helping at all…granted it’s only been a week or so, but I checked a couple of online calculators that give you the equivalent dosages to different meds and it seems that for the Ritalin dosage I was taking that I should be on 50mg of Vyvanse. I was just wondering how many other adult ADHDers are taking Vyvanse and how many mg works for you or if you’ve switched like I have and the comparison.
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I haven’t been on Ritalin but I am on Vyvanse. I would imagine that your doctor may plan to increase your dosage to make sure it’s giving you full benefit. I started at 20 mg but titrated to our goal dose of 70 mg after that. I found that I did experience benefit on 20 mg (it was my first stimulant) and that I got the most benefit at 50 mg and 70 mg doses. 60 mg caused irritability for me.

I think it will be important to track your symptoms and note when things are worst and see if that coincides with medication wearing off or not being in your system yet. It may simply be too that you’re just not on high enough dose. In other cases it may not be the right medicine for you. It will be up to you and your doctor to monitor it closely and fine tune.

Whatever happens, good luck!

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Thanks! I’ll talk to my doctor for sure.


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I have pretty bad ADHD, one of the first medications I was prescribed was Desoxyn (Dextro-methamphetamine) which is the strongest medication, just due to how young I am, drug tolerance, many years to go, the higher rate of oxidative brain damage from methamphetamine, I decided to go onto Adderall, which is mixed amphetamine salts, 25% of the weaker levo-amphetamine salt, and 75% dextro-amphetamine salt, was on it for about 3 years, then I was on Dexedrine this year up to 30mg, 10 mg per dose 3x a day, this year a I previously switched to 50 mg Vyvanse to prevent any crashing issues, in comparison to the IR, which lasts a lot shorter.

Vyvanse is preferred by a lot of doctor because it’s a pro-drug, this means it’s metabolic pathway isn’t that influence-able, so if you change the route of administration (ROA), it doesn’t change anything for Vyvanse which is the inactive lisdexamphetamine, this is a good thing being that amphetamines can be abused and have an addictive potential, so with Vyvanse, you could snort it, you could take it sublingual, and it wouldn’t do anything, it wouldn’t even really be metabolized because it requires enzymes that will only be accessed when taken orally, so Vyvanse decreases a lot of the abuse potential of these drugs, thus is a preferred medication for doctors.

Now the conversions rate at which lisdexamphetamine converts into the active dextro-amphetamine, which is the most common amphetamine salt in ADHD medications, it’s 75% of Adderal, and 100% Dexedrine or Dexostrat etc. Its conversion rate is at around .30 [.2948 to be exact] So 30 mg, of lisdexamphetamine is equivalent to about 9 mg Dexedrine, and about 12mg Adderall.

The conversion rate his hard to calculate when you compare it the methlyphenidate, as they are not the same classification of stimulant, and methlyphenidate’s mechanism of action relies more on reuptake inhibition, rather than stimulation of receptors, so in general methylphenidate’s tend to be weaker than amphetamines, that being said there’s tons of pros and cons to each class of drugs.

I will say I had a lot of issues when I was on Vyvanse, for starters, I don’t like long extended released medications, and Vyvanse can lasts up to 14-16 hours long, and takes 1.5 hours (90 min) to start converting into the active amphetamine D-amp, the reason I don’t like extended released medications for me personally, is I don’t want to be causing oxidative brain damage and increased drug tolerance without what I see as being just cause, So if I only have to do let’s say 6 hours of school work, I really only want to be medicated for about 6 hours, use the medication for its purpose, and just deal with and withdrawal or comedown, rather than cause more brain damage and cause more tolerance quicker just to avoid a comedown. My other problem being it takes so long to start converting, for me, once again, I only wanna be medicated for a purpose, I don’t wanna take medication, to like watch T.V, but Vyvanse kicked in way after class had started, meaning I’d be in my first 2 periods, with no medication.

And the biggest problem I had with Vyvanse, is it just overall felt weak, it was no where near as effective for focusing as Adderall or Dexedrine was, even though it converted into Dexedrine.

The problem I had prior with Adderall and Dexedrine, besides a bit of a crash which only bothers me if it’s during me being productive, but was that Adderall can be very inconsistent, dexedrine a bit too, this ends up boiling down to the fact that, when these’s are unaltered, they have very influence-able bioavalibility and I was on Generic, which between generic and Brand, the inactive ingredients can change bioavalbility, and amphetamines are very potent, studies have shown that people can tell the difference in the effects of a dose at as low as a 1 mg difference, so the even slight differences caused by inactive ingredients, sometimes were noticeable. Also it’s very influenced by the pH of you gastrointestinal tract, now because of how much more complex lisdexamphetamine’s metabolic pathway is, i’m not sure if your pH level impacts this at all, being it is the same amphetamine salt, but it starts as lisdexamphetamine. Low acidic pH’s decrease absorption of Dextro-amphetamine salt, and higher more basic pH’s increase it, so keep that in mind with your diet etc. It could be you consumed something acidic, and it inhibited the medication from being absorbed well, but i’m not sure because of Vyvanse’s metabolic pathway. If you want I could list sources for this stuff, just now i’m too lazy to do so.

I’m now back on Dexedrine and I prefer it, but that’s just from my experience, but for what ever reason, Vyvanse did feel pretty ineffective for me.


I don’t want to be causing oxidative brain damage

What? This is the first time I’m hearing about this. Can you link to any sources that describe this effect?