Systems and routines

I want to have a system to live simplified and organized life.
Why, can’t I do this? I’ve researched ideas and I’ve attempted suggestions but nothing stuck.
Right now I’m trying to find a job, I have a few outdated resumes on my tablet somewhere and don’t know how to access them edit them, I just wrote this afternoon an event in my paper planner and just now I typed an event in my digital planner

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I have some that I think are pretty good, but they took a long time to build. If you keep making incremental fixes to your systems you are moving in the right direction. Between your paper planner and your digital planner, which one do you think works best for you?

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Good question, I think since September the paper planner was in my mind great and the way to go for me. I went to a paper planner because I realized I was looking at my digital planning enough and I didn’t notice the quiet alert it gave me when something was do. I wanted when someone in my calendar events where do to make an alarm noise that I had to shut off. Then I think it would be more helpful.
But he conveniences of the digital planner, I think that’s why I used it last night

I guess to answer your question idk that may be why I’m going back and forth

In my experience a hybrid system can work, but each part needs a defined role, so that you see full lists in one place (health appointments are always in one place, assignments or job hunting tasks are always in one place, etc)

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That’s what I want to strive for, having a system that’s organized and consistent and easy to follow and maintain. What you are doing makes perfect sense and seems easy enough to do. I just don’t know why it hasn’t been easy for me yet

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And thank you for sharing. Having the system you use been something that you’ve alway done or did you need to learn how

It’s easy in theory, but I don’t think it is in practice (like many things in life). I needed to learn how, and it was a pretty long process of trial and error. I’d try a system, run into a problem, tweak the system and/or practice consistency and repeat that loop over and over. I wouldn’t say my system is done now, but I think I’ve gotten past some of the bigger pitfalls

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I’ve never been an organized person, growing I never even thought about stuff like writing things down having a planner. Just recently this girl who has volunteered to help me with my adhd Was teaching me how to take notes. I was always embarrassed and thought everyone else jus knew how. But she said they had to learn how just like how you’re learning now

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I’ve only recently started with a serious crackdown on organization so I don’t have an exact system yet, but a few things I’m doing look promising (crosses fingers).

One of them is a program for Windows, Android and iOS, that can synchronize with each other, called EssentialPIM (Essential Personal Information Management) link to the website.

It has a build-in email client, a calendar with all it’s bells and whistles, a system for tasks (to-do lists) that you can link to the calendar part, a pretty good looking note taking system that looks like it might be exactly what I want (like making sub-categories or just dumping thoughts in there and coming back to it later), and you can make a database in it for both passwords and contacts which might be nice.

One super important thing is that you can ‘pin’ the reminders, so when it pops up to tell me something it will always stay on top until I interact with it.

That way it can’t accidentally disappear into the background when I click somewhere else at the same moment the window pops up, I have to interact with it. Plus I can set any sound to play when a reminder pops up.

. Reminder2

Such a simple little thing and it makes a lot of difference in communicating information to myself.

Plus adding a sound that both suits me and entertains me has so far made me less annoyed with the reminders than the Windows default sounds and notifications do.

Another thing I do is set the program to start up automatically when I log into Windows and set the default view on the calendar, so every time I start up or reboot my PC I get an overview of what I have to do that day, and a glace at what’s coming up.

Which not only repeats itself far more often than I would normally look at calendars, but also reminds me that the thing is there, because I often completely forget about these things it at random intervals and then don’t look at for for days or even months. or ahem… late 2017.

It syncs to clouds stuff and a decent amount of other options if that’s something you like.

And it syncs everything to it’s companion app on my phone and back, although I haven’t been snooping in that part a lot yet.

On one hand it’s a bit of a shame that I need the paid versions for the features I want, but at the same time that does mean that I can expect to be treated like an actual customer instead of a data mining piñata.

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What are the steps that you want or need to take to pursue the job? For me, making a list of the steps that a task takes and then finding a way to plan them out has been helpful. Maybe writing a resume is a piece of that, and if you can’t find your old resume maybe asking other people for theirs can be a good place to start. Sometimes using something like Google Docs is good because then you can have access to your resume anywhere where there’s internet access.

Once you know the steps you need to take, using something like your phone / digital calendar to setup daily reminders can be helpful. It can also be useful if you have someone in your life who is supportive and who you trust to have them check in with you and keep you accountable or offer support. Hopefully it’s someone more organized than you. They could gently ask, “Hey, I know today you were going to do ____, how is that going? Do you need any help? Are you hitting any barriers? Want to meet up and problem solve?”

I don’t think there’s any one “simple” system to get things under control. But sometimes identifying one challenge at a time and tackling it can lead to confidence in taking on the next one. And over time you learn some skills that start to stick and apply more frequently.

For me I use my digital calendars both at work and at home. I really rely on my phone to keep me scheduled. I use Google Docs to save all my passwords in one document so that I don’t lose those. I also find that making a routine for things such as cleaning can help. Sometimes it takes making something a habit. For example, I have to remind myself to empty the litter boxes every day. It’s just a routine and habit now because I’ve done it long enough, but it’s certainly something I can still forget to do from time to time. Be patient with yourself, and forgiving. No matter how hard you try there will always be struggles. It’s not an all or nothing fight. You can do this. No matter what.