Tabs on web browser...


Following on from @StillADHD and @Izzy’s posts about ADHD and driving, I’ve got a similar question.

Looking at your web browser right now, how many different tabs do you have open?

  • 1 tab
  • 2 tabs
  • 3-5 tabs
  • 6-10 tabs
  • 11-15 tabs
  • 16-20 tabs
  • Too many tabs to count.

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Alright, be honest how many tabs do you have open atm?

Fine, I have ten tabs on my phone, ten on my laptop, and five on my IPad. Busted!


Ha ha… That’s awesome. Supports my theory!


58 on one browser, 10 on the second one… and only 1 on the third browser… Plus about 15 on the phone. I need help…


We have a winner. Can this be beaten? Do we have any other contenders for the heavyweight belt? That’s pretty impressive.

I didn’t even check my phone when I voted, but it won’t be anywhere near your score.


I mean, damn nah, I don’t like 10 on the first and like 7 on the second. But the night is still young :rofl:


Right now it’s 2 but AVERAGE it’s usually 6-10 sometimes more :joy:


I think 84 tabs will be hard to beat! But it’s only early…


Only five but it’s early in the day and I just started browsing.


The sad part is that is before I start doing research… It is going to go up by about 20 or more today as I research a paper… I need help.


Try bookmarks or history maybe. Or maybe just go professional and try for the world record. Maybe drum up a sponsorship deal.


I only keep at most 1 or 2 tabs open, but I have a kagillion bookmarks, most I probaby will never look at again


And that’s why i cant use Chrome… it keeps slowing down and even crashing sometimes. So i switched back to Firefox :slight_smile:


Jeez, distractability and tangential thoughts… I’m totally there with you.

looks up YouTube video. I like turtles.


I have 17 open on my Chromebook, which is what I’m using right now.


I currently have 29 on Safari app and 17 on Chrome, all on my phone. I have at least 14 open on my computer at home right now lol.


A majority of the time the tabs I have open are mostly YouTube because I’ll open a new tab for every video I want to watch (because if I just click on one video then I’ll miss the other videos that were currently on the tab)


I can’t stand many open tabs, most often I close one and immediately open the tab again because I needed it.



I have 3 different users through Chrome, and using 2-3 monitors usually. I varying between having 5-30 tabs in total.


Ive got a chrome extension that puts my open tabs to sleep after a while. That helps my computer, but it enables me to be a Tab Hoarder… usually about 20 tabs open I’d guess. I’d have to go home and count…
On my phone, I had 100 plus open on that chrome app. I forget that it opens a new tab every time I open a link from my email.