Tabs on web browser...


I like that you’re really leaning into it.


Right now I have 27 in the laptop and in my phone … the browser is not counting. There is a smiling face where it should be the number of tabs

Just for today. And just now I’ve noticed that. OMG


My kind of humor.


You guys might found this 2 stuff fun and/or useful:


Too many tabs drives me NUTS.


Define too many, i have 100+ open right now. That is below my “time to close them all” limit.


Lol, I have the :smiley: meaning over 99 tabs on just one not counting my laptop (27) and pad (24). :no_mouth::pensive: I erase and find myself back at over 99 by the end of the day. I just need to know everything once I get on one thing and then the next.


And thanks because I need to start deleting/bookmarking right now.


Its and endless flow, it will stack up for me every time! But it feels good to get ride of them every now and then.

I did realize that I’m a collector. Links, pinterest, games (and achievements in games), books, ideas, news, information, etc… i can (and i will!) collect a lot of stuff :smiley:


Once the tabs start looking like a Toblerone bar, it’s gone way too far for me. I like to be able to (ideally) read enough of each tab title to know what that tab is. I don’t have the patience to cycle through lots of tabs to find what I want. My left hand is always prepared to Ctrl-F4 tabs that I’m done with.

Now that being said, I often have two browser windows open, one on each monitor, with different uses for each. Other times I might use multiple browser windows just to group things together (e.g. work tasks).


Ok, I have 24 tabs atm. But it used to be much worse. I use a chrome extension called “OneTab” that will reduce all the open tabs one has to a singe tab were the links are stored on that tabs page so you can go back to them if you really want to.


I’ve only got 23 open rn, but that’s at the low end, I regularly get up into the 90s. I have an extension called Tree Style Tabs that lets me group them together, otherwise I’d be completely lost.


HAHA i just posted something about this being a metaphor for my ADHD brain last week but I also relate physically.
I have three different windows currently on my laptop. My main window has my necessity tabs up like email and college website with other tabs for things i don’t want to forget to look at, some of which have been up for weeks.
I also have two more windows open, both with different sources pertaining to different papers that I have to write for school. I don’t want to have to redo my searches so I have at least 10-20 tabs open on those windows until i want to narrow down my sources and actually start my papers. ADHD and college is like living in an organized mess lol.


this sounds amazing i need to try this. I always have so many tabs that I want to save for later or don’t want to forget about haha


I just don’t understand what people do with so many tabs. IMHO, when you need extensions to deal with your massive number of open pages - you’ve got a problem :slight_smile:

I’m also someone who tries to keep my taskbar/system-tray/desktop nice and tidy with only commonly used things. Too many things and I get lost trying to find what I want. Then it’s too much like real life (e.g. my car, home, desk) which are like 90-tab browsers in the real world :slight_smile: At least the computer I can easily control things.


mayeb that’s why I like having so many tabs, it’s like a mess that I can instantly clean up :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 41 on my iPad (for some reason… I don’t even remember opening half of them), 53 on my phone (+ another 32 in private browsing) but I generally tend to have much less on my laptop (mainly because I use chrome on my laptop and its makes a lot of noise) but I think (this is from memory so take it at face value) I currently have about three windows open and about 5-8 tabs open in each so around 20 tabs ish on my laptop.


58 tabs… even though I’m constantly trying to close tabs and keeping them to a minimum


I have 16 at home right now, but last week I had almost 30. At work I routinely have about 35, not counting the 12 that are pinned, plus 4-8 more in a separate window on another monitor. My phone has 42 last time I looked. I’m pretty sure QuteBrowser saved my last session with 20-something tabs about Django and Python (an unfinished project I’ll totally get back to this… next… some weekend).

And not a webbrowser, but I use a program at work called Tmux that lets me open command line sessions side by side in windows and tabs (I work in IT). I think my high point was 7 different sessions, averaging 3 tabs per session with each tab averaging 3 windows.


I regularly hear at work “omg how do you have so many tabs open”. I never say but it’s because I will either literally forget this ever existed if I close the tab or remember in 5 months… it has to stay open until it is ticked off the to-do list.