Tabs on web browser...


Yup. That’s why I have so many open


Since i need my computing power for gaming i dont have too many tabs open. I have 3 displays connected. Netflix on one, youtube and 2 other tabs on another display and an active game on my main monitor.


I am currently at 15… oh wait I also had another widow open with an addition 8. Hmmm :sweat_smile:


17 on my desktop Chrome, and another 13 on my phone browser.

…But if I close them, how will I remember that thing I originally opened them in the first place to look at? There’s stuff on there I might want to buy/make/cook, etc! :slight_smile:


Far more than maybe I should be doing considering I get overwhelmed easily haha!


My other excuse is “I might need it later…”.


@Smoj. That’s why I have my phone tabs…
I’ve started homescreening for that too. But it’s gettig a bit messy.


Thanks mate! You just saved me over one gig of ram. And that was after cleaning up my tabs =P