Take the wins when you get them

Day 3 of Ritalin. Delivery arrives of new furniture. I immediately unbox 3 flatpacks, lay out tools and instructions. Read the instructions in sequential order, and follow all the instructions without distraction to successfully assemble furniture without throwing a single tool or curse. WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS???


Ive just finished my third week, its amazing what a difference it makes, everything just feels so much easier, this past week though i have found that despite now being on the highest dose it less effective, but it is my own fault i believe, as i have been working an evening shift and ive not stuck to the times im supposed to take the tablets, so my advice for you is onviously make sure you stick to the doseage times, so you can get an accurate idea of how effective the medication is working, hope this helps.


Yeah, my doc said similar. She said I should play around with timing once we’d settled on dosage and drug, but to diarise any changes in mood or effect during the trialling.



When it works . . . it WORKS!

Glad it has for you . . .:+1:



@Pithy Im glad that you managed to get the medication to work for you!!! When you get time you should update in the 365 day journel reflection topic.

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