Takes a second to process... words?

I’ll get straight to the point here.

I have this weird thing where someone says something, usually a question, for example; “do you want anymore pasta?” At first it just sounds like this; “oduoy younmossoa somta?” Complete nonsense! Then I say “excuse me” or “pardon” and then it replays in my head. I don’t think of it, or physically force myself to replay the memory, it just does! Them it comes out normal. I say; “Oh! Yes, sorry.” And then they look at me like I’m a complete utter weirdo. Is that just me or any of you guys too?



One of my favorite processing fails is when I was working in a restaurant and I was in the walk-in, and one of my coworkers came in and said something and it sounded EXACTLY like just a high pitched “bwiing!” sound effect. Not even human speech. So I was like “sorry, what?” and she said, “bwiing!” again. I just stood there for several seconds, long enough for it to be awkward, before she turned back and looked at me again and I just smiled and left the walk in and only AFTER realized that she had (probably) said “How are you doing?”

Anyway, I’ve been worried I have an auditory processing disorder, but I don’t know. I was talking to someone recently who has autism and ze has these headphones with active noise canceling that helps zir hear better by playing a soundwave that cancels out the background noise so ze can hear conversation. I’ve been thinking about getting those.

I’d love to hear from others if this is an ADHD thing.

I experience that, too. Also occasionally situations where my brain tries to replay it but only got part of the info and can’t do it. I use the word “parse” for this: “it took me a minute to parse that” or, “sorry, I didn’t parse that”.


I cracked up at @belldam’s “bwiing” example, very much relate to that :rofl:

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Yeah that happens to me sometimes

Yep before diagnosis my wife used to get super mad at me because she would ask a question and i would ask her to repeat it and then answer the question almost in the same sentence. Something to do with being inattentive i suppose. But i do it a whole lot less with meds. And now she just makes sure she has my attention for a couple of seconds before asking a question for example she will say “Honey” wait 3.2.1 “can you pass the salt. “ Just gives me those couple of seconds i need to shift focus.