: ) Taking notes for an essay // : ( Typing... up... notes for an essay....


Love my topic, loved finding these fun lil ideas… currently transferring 19 pages of notes into an essay proposal, and CANNOT stay focused on this stuff that I already know!! I avoided this feeling in college by procrastinating up to the deadline, but I’m really trying to mend my ways. Does anyone have tips?



Have you sorted your ideas into groups yet, based on what they’re for? If you just sort them first, THEN build a structure that makes sense, and only then start ‘filling in’ the structure with your ideas, that might work.:sweat_smile: Other than that, try using an egg timer and see how far you can get in 15 minutes, just to time yourself and give yourself an artificial deadline.:wink:



Since essays are all about expressing an idea (backed my facts of course) then you can organize the information and type it like you’re explaining the information to someone! And if it’s supposed to sound professional than you can write it out how you’d try explaining it to your snobby cousin or aunt about it so it doesn’t sound “below them.” A good work of writing should be READABLE, and especially if it’s readable in YOUR voice (otherwise it’s abore).



Ooh I like it- batching for themes…



Hahaha that is a true and good point- and thanks for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to get a dictation headset. Telling a story is much more fun than writing a draft.

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