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hey guys :smiley: :smiley:. i want to start something that if anybody who distract in there work a lot then they can join this i thinking about that at the end of the day we talk about that what work we done or not. so i think it give us motivation to do work if any body join this then we decide the time that when we talk about our work and all. so lets see that its working out or not :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I had high hopes this morning, when I thought I’d be able to register for much-needed, long-overdue System Administrator training for work, which finally became available. I had been setting the stage for this for the last few months, and I thought (or at least hoped) that it was pre-approved for me to register once it became available.

I found out this afternoon that I might not get the training. I feel that my persistence (I might even characterize it as a quest) is half the reason that the vendor has even made this training course available.

  • Without this training in the first place, I have only been marginally effective at my job. I was hired months after my predecessors had left, and so when I started the job I basically got bread-crumbs, little tidbits from various people, but not the top-to-bottom instruction that’s really needed.
  • The knowledge that I can pick up from it should make me fully-capable for the requirements of the job, and I’m certain that it would enable me to suggest improvements that would benefit the system users that I support (which might help them generate more revenue).
  • The vendor’s advertised cost is over twice what I expected (based on the cost of an almost-identical training they offered a few months ago, which only applied to a sister-product to the software platform I manage). The prior training was $800, the new one is almost $2000. And the write-ups look almost identical (but the new once is twice as much instructor time, so I can understand an increase in the cost).

If it’s just a cost issue, I’ll gladly withdraw my request to get a new work computer and limp along on the old laptop for another year. I think that there’s more to it than that, though. (I think there’s other factors involved.)

…on the plus side, I finally got answers that I needed about from the vendor’s tech support, so I had a little bit of success today (a small but important bit of success).


So far today:

  • drop off child 1, at bus station.
  • arrive at work, establish said child has forgotten bag with work clothes for his part time job later today in car.
  • sms said child
  • plug in laptop, where was I up to, get coffee, phone call ‘dad can you deliver my bag please?’
  • 40-60 min later back at desk. (got to listen to free intro to ‘‘The lean startup’’)
  • doing stuff now, but really not looking forward to the 90 minute project management meeting where I have to endure the consequences of my time blindness and compress all that I said I’d do into the little time I have, while spending time to plan etc.
  • oh and now my old boss, is at the door to get data …
  • t - 40 min to that meeting

yehh :partying_face: you done your day nicely. i started my day so i came back :sunglasses: :sunglasses: when my day is end and i come back with great result :wink: :wink: :grin:


yehh man well done :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
i am happy to see that you told about your half day and i hope your remain day also gone nice
i also start my work and see you after do my work :smile: :smile:


Day started with my wife being sad and angry about something like Facebook people have all the life, and she needs to do her unliked job. I did my job yesterday and was planning not to get up so early.

Then i got in the arguement with some neighbours about the trash collection place. I invested my own money into building it, along with others(yep, this failed state brags about nuclear weapons, but we need to build our own dumps), and it has RFID keys, which i lost three times already, so i don’t use it, taking my trash to farther away place which isn’t locked.
So it started with arguement about how i need to tie that key with a rope to something not to lose it, and ended with complete and utter inunderstanding in many other topics, so i’m feeling like this right now:

So, i’m busy with launching little green people into virtual space - and having fun and excitement real life can’t provide me right now.


I’ve heard it called “Fake-book” before. People share only what they want to share. I’ve seen posts by some people I know, and their life seems all good on Facebook, but in real life they’ve got a lot of struggles (which they are willing to share with REAL friends face-to-face or by text/message). They want the world to only see their highlights and not their mess because they will feel like they are being judged.

I don’t post much on Facebook, because I’m a very private person. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family, and that’s it for me.

I find it much easier to share my thoughts and feelings personally, in face-to-face conversation, with people I know are me friends… people I can go to and share the good and the bad, or to ask for advice that I know will come from the heart.

The second best option I’ve found is a forum where I can be semi-anonymous (that’s my real face in my profile pic and my user name is based on my real name), and where I’ve found a community of people with similar struggles who all hear each other out, share meaningful information, and lift each other up with their words.

@Space_Ivan, since the HowToADHD YouTube channel is for Hearts as well as Brains, I’m sure the forums can be, too.

I don’t know how others here would feel about inviting Hearts (like your wife) to these forums, but I would be open to it.

Or, maybe with the upcoming update/replacement to the forums, there could be a forum launched for Brains and a forum for Hearts.


Well, she also likely has a condition, or, rather, a disorder. So, sometimes we both just lose our cool. Especially when our triggers coincide or cause one another. It happens. We’re helping each other for almost a half of our lives, so we managed. Well, i guess, until now.
She’s not as good with English as I am, and she fears to be somewhat incompetent in stuff with people around, so probably it won’t happen. But thanks for the invitation!


welcome :innocent: :innocent: @Space_Ivan. i have not so much things to told you. but i hope you feel better to write this.


my day is finish and today i am happy because i do my work in fun way and i enjoy it :grin: :grin: :grin:. i enjoy my classes and make a new friend :sunglasses: . the beginning of day is terrible i traped in my past memories and become anxious :fearful: :exploding_head: but i push my self and do work then i feel good :innocent: :innocent: so ya my day was good :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: see you tomorrow and lets see how the day become gone well it will gone fab i thought :wink: :grin: :grin:


I’m feeling much better about today that yesterday. I remembered this morning that me Manager had said there’s a new budget model going into place. Today is the day that the details were made known, so I can’t fault my boss for his hesitancy yesterday. (It doesn’t take effect until July 1st, and my request is for training that’s at the end of April, so my request won’t be affected by the new process.)

Now, I still have to wait for the approval process to see if I get to take the training or not… And I might have to wait a couple of weeks because my manager is on (a very much deserved) vacation next week.

In the meantime, today has been good. Not much opportunity to work on projects until now, but had a few informative meetings already.


@j_d_aengus Good Luck!

@Space_Ivan hopefully something 4 u and wife below

@maldream_ing thanks for starting this post and pls understand if I don’t continue contributing for a while


  • meeting was as I expected: bad, I’m now for daily 10 min meetings in the morning with the industrial partner, feels like writing on the wall stuff for me.
  • got home talked to the domestic project management committee (family) and worked through a few things to try and make the future better:
    • one thing was to have a hands up signal (like a friendly back off) when I start being teenage oppositional (arguing for the sake of it) and
    • the other adulting thing was that on Tuesday I said I’d discuss things on Thursday night to the family and I did.
      So the other coping thing is to know when to walk away but to commit to discuss it and come good on that (which happy to report I did!)

good luck everyone - I may be away from this big friendly room in the bit cloud for a while.



@lui, hoping for all the best, with whatever it is that you need to do


@j_d_aengus . i am happy to see the positive vibes you have for the day. thanks for sharing :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:.
i hope your meeting gone very well. lets do it :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


welcome @lui . :blush: :sunglasses. do your best in work :sunglasses: well i think i do not need
to tell that do your best you obviosely do it :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


welcome @lui . :blush: :sunglasses. do your best in work :sunglasses: well i think i do not need
to tell that do your best you obviosely do it :sunglasses:


hey guys i am back :sunglasses:. to complete my day , my day gone not so good, i mean some good things happen and bad also i got severe pain of migraine :exploding_head: so that is bad part, but taking classes is the fun part :smiley: :smiley:. but its okay. okay guys i see you tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:. actually tomorrow do not do much work because i am going to the hospital which will taken time but i come here at night

see you guys and thanks for writing here :blush: :innocent: :innocent:


I hope that you get good treatment for the migraine


thx @j_d_aengus :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


thx @j_d_aengus :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
and i hope the meeting you tell about in previous that will gone good :blush: :blush: