Tech tools for a new sixth grader with ADHD

Hi all,
My stepson’s mother messaged us today that she is thinking about getting an Apple Watch for him to help him with time management and organization at school. As an ADHD researcher who struggles with it myself, I don’t think a sophisticated smart watch is the way to go at his age (11) because they can become a distraction themselves and don’t have as many parent controls as phones and ipads. I’m okay with them getting him a heavily-restricted phone to start using school apps, etc and understand that reminders on his wrist would be helpful. Do you have any favorite devices for middle school?

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I don’t have any great input here, but as the father of an 11 year old boy with ADHD, I am curious what answers come up. According to my son, all of the other kids have smart phones.

My experience is that kids at any age will try to get as much as they can out of you. Coercion, deal making, or threat.

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Yea I am the father of a 7th grade Girl, and more technology is a bad mix. @Jessica Was testing the Revibe ( Not sure what she tought of if, I know she gave some away at the you tube converence she was at. I do think they might be a good thing, but do not have any experience with them

I’m quite a bit older than the boy you’re talking about but I have an apple watch and, personally, I’ve found it a life saver. Being able to easily find my phone (you can ping it from your watch, even if it’s on silent (which it always is)) and having my timetable notify me for each subject as well as any homework that’s due in the next day works amazingly well for me.

That being said, a lot of that relies on finding apps that work for him as the watch only makes the notifications noticeable so it might be worth getting him used to working with just the apps first (if possible) before adding in another layer.

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What @Dxitydoo said. This is what I find most helpful with my watch, the ping function and the notification functions. The notifications are also cool because it means you’re not always looking at your phone like a zombie. It requires some time on the initial set up end to figure out what is good to be notified about and what is distracting. I mean, like don’t allow notifications from FB or other social media or email, because that could get super distracting. And if using it for schedule stuff, you have to actually keep stuff scheduled, so he needs to be willing to use the tools to make them work well for him.

I should get one, but they are expensive

Yeah, no kidding. Mine was an xmas gift. 1st generation, so it’s been out of date for three years LOL