Tell Me Three Things


Tell me three things you seem to lose almost daily…

My three things: glasses. keys. phone.

I set them down when I need to do something, then forget where I set them down. :frowning:

If you’ve found a solution to your three things, help me solve this??

Be good to yourself today! :heart:


My three things are: my cards (driver’s license I actually am missing right know, but also my card for public transport and my banking card), my phone and my keys.

For my phone I’ve found a way to be able to find it back more easily after losing it. I have an iPhone and I don’t know if it’s possible on other types of phones, but Apple has the “Find My iPhone” option you can enable. When you lose your phone you can log into iCloud on your computer and you can see a little map with the location of your phone when it was last connected. You can also get your phone to make a sound so you can find it again. Only downside is that your phone needs to be turned on in order to play the sound.

Don’t know if this helps at all, but it helps me a lot actually.

For my keys I try really hard to get them in the same place every single time, but I can’t manage to really make a habbit out of it. So I’m still trying to manage that thing.

For my cards I found a solution for my public transport card at least and that’s probably the most important one for I’m a student and need to travel by train or bus almost every day. I bought a case for my phone where I can put the card in the back. I only have to think about bringing my phone and then the card will be there with me when I need to travel. So that’s one less thing to think about when I need to be traveling.


Thanks!! I used to have a phone case wallet… and I honestly lost my card a lot less then (my banking card is probably the one I lose most often)… I should really go back to that type. Although it’s more “clunky” and everything… My keys have a place, and that’s getting better… I have a hook right by the door. I am getting better at leaving them where they need to be. I am an Android user, but I honestly might switch to an iPhone for this purpose alone. :expressionless: Weird, but it would maybe be worth it!


I’m actually probably one of the few that rarely loses things. (Apart from my thoughts…)

I think it’s a coping mechanism that I’ve just instinctivelygrown up with;

I always try and keep my things in the same places.

My keys and wallet are always in the side pocket of my backpack, or my bedside table. I automatically put them there after use.
My phone is always in my pocket, or on my bedside table.

I have a specific place for most of my things, which eases my stress and helps me keep track of things.

And if I don’t yet have “a place” for something, I leave it in a very visible place where I can’t forget it, cause I’ll inadvertedly see it. Such as my kitchen table or dresser.
Also helps that my flat is quite small so not too many places where I could lose stuff… :sweat_smile:

It can make it messy sometimes. Having “everything visible”. But it’s an organised mess…? :joy:
I try to keep on top with having a space for certain things, like letters and documents, or whatnot, cause if I let it slide for too long, the thought of filing it all and cleaning becomes an overwhelming task.

Easier for me to try maintain cleanliness, than “clean”.

Hope that made sense, and is of any help… :sweat_smile:

Edit: to clarify, I’ve built it into my routine to return things to their designated place, as soon as I don’t need that thing anymore :slight_smile:


This is a fantastic question. I lose my phone, and glasses most, followed by my bullet journal. Usually I end up finding the phone in the car, or coat pocket, or on my desk in my home office, though occasionally it is in the freezer or refrigerator. Glasses most often are found on my bedside table or in my home office, sometimes they are on my forehead and I am searching frantically for them. :sweat_smile:


Hahahaha!! I love that, because sometimes I am looking for my phone and it’s in my hand. :joy:


Thank you, Emilia!

I am working on decluttering my home right now. I need to get rid of the excess so that I can have a simple life like the one you describe. I am working on that. I think my biggest issue is that I don’t leave myself enough time to get ready to leave the house, and so while I am thinking, “I need to get my clothes out of the dryer,” I set my phone down in a random place without thinking about it.

Maybe I just need to slow down…


I’m always leaving the house late as well haha.
Get jeans with bigger pockets so you always keep it on you :wink:


I just googled some for you and there apparently is an app for Android that does the same thing as Find My iPhone. I found this article: This mentions an app called Find My Device. Maybe this will help you?


You are amazing… thank you!!


I’ve started wearing a fleece jacket to work every day so I have a pocket to put it in… that has helped.


I also keep everything in the same places like @Emilia. I always have my wallet, keys, phone and passport in my bag, and I always use the same bag, so I won’t lose them. I lose things a lot more as soon as I decide to use a different bag! :smiley:

And I do the same thing with keeping things visible too! (This also applies to keeping web pages visible, I always have about 50 tabs open so I won’t forget emails I need to reply to etc… :smiley: I used to just bookmark everything but then realised I never actually want to scroll through all those bookmarks to find what I’m looking for!)

And haha I have also been looking for my phone then realised it’s in my hand… :joy:

Also, I’ve heard there’s a key ring that you can call on your phone to find your keys more easily!! I don’t know what it’s called but I’m sure you could find one online.


I always think of Austin Powers. Instead of spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch. It’s keys, wallet, phone, and coat.





I always check I have my phone, keys and wallet before leaving my flat too. Automatic pocket taps :sweat_smile:


Mines glasses keys and wallet, i also work currently as a security guard and have the stereotypical big set of keys to carry around, I always used to lose them, but every time I put my keys down somewhere my friend would hide them which at the time was really frustrating but it made me find a solution so now I have them clipped onto my belt and rarely ever lose them now.


Glasses, phone shopping list. Have a fixed place for keys and wallet, but often they end up somewhere else. Often search my pockets frenetically fot keys, wallet, phone, think it is lost but then I find it in a pocket already searched. Or I resign looking for the shopping list, then it appears by magic in some pocket when I am back home. Best trick for not forgetting stuff or reminders; I put it in or upon my shoes. That works if I don’t change my mind about what to wear :sunglasses:




I’m always losing one of my favorite socks, but, thankfully, they typicall show up. I’ve also gained some pretty sharp looking mismatched pairs this way.


My confidence.
My self esteem.
My mind.

But seriously, I lose things less than I used to. It’s all about routines for me.

Keys either in my right hand pants pocket, or in a wooden bowl in my hallway. I only ever lose them if I get distracted and put them somewhere else.

My phone gets dumped next to the sofa, on charge, and forgotten when I’m at home. I left it on the kitchen bench one time, and went two weeks without it.

Cash money either in my left hand pants pocket, or in my phone case. Credit cards in my phone case.

Glasses… I have upwards of 10-15 cheap pairs floating around everywhere. If I lose a pair, there is always another close by. I have half a dozen magnifying glasses as well. And I even have a couple of monocles on neck chains. I tried them out for convenience, but feel guilty about enjoying the Colonel Klink look a little too much.

If I get careless, and put anything in a place where it doesn’t normally go, I’m lost. Because my house is messy, I can search for ages and not find what I’m looking for.

When I find a pair of socks that don’t start coming apart after a week at work, I tend to buy a stack of them. At one point, I didn’t even notice how many I had, until I was stationed in a hotel at a resort town for work one time.

I went back home for the weekend, so the boss ended up staying in the apartment while I was out. I didn’t know he was coming, so I’d just done my washing, and had the socks out in a pile.

The boss had a mini-freak about how many there were. A pile maybe 2 feet high. and maybe 5 feet in diameter. I own fewer socks now, I have seen reason.

I still have at least one pair of grey unifrom socks from high school, 35 years ago though. Pretty thin now, and fragile. So they only come out for special occasions. Like, for example, when I run out of socks.