Tell Me Three Things


When leaving any house I always check that I have my keys, wallet & phone on me. Yeah, tap my pockets! It is very clear when I don’t have my glasses on as everything becomes very fuzzy! So I never lose them. I have loads of socks, half of them black and the other half white. Problem solved.

I only lose things I need infrequently but when I really need them. Like my passport just before a major work related trip out of country!


Hey! For shopping list, I use the Google Keep app. Maybe try something like that?


So… I gather that pocket-tapping is frequent among us… We could start a band or something. :laughing:


My storage boxes are littered with organisers of all kinds, generally used once or twice, or not at all.

I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps, many unopened.

I have all the best intentions of organising my life, but in the end, I just roll on relying on routines and “pocket tapping”.

Another routine I have for work, is that when I get home, I drop all my work related keys, pens, ID/swipe cards, tools, radio etc. in one spot. I’ve learned from experience that if I leave anything in an unusual place, I’ll forget it.

For example, I get back to my room and use my glasses to read a document, leave them where I know I’ll remember them in the morning, then just plain forget when I wake up.

I put my phone on charge, away from my pile of stuff. And even though my routine is to check for my phone, I sometimes forget.

My shooping list I write on a whiteboard as I think of things I need, then just take a photo of the list on my phone before I head out to the shops.


I use all the same strategies. That includes the “organized mess” part, which drives girlfriend nuts (she’s a bit of a clean freak). Even as a kid I was aware that while my room looked a bomb had gone off, I always knew exactly where to find the things I needed every day because they always went on top of the same pile, every day. I was actually more likely to lose something when my room was clean, I think.

Still true of my office desk…


Ha ha… Me too. Whenever I get around to a big clean, I lose everything. I hate having to buy a replacement for something that I know for sure is around here somewhere.


Yes, good suggestion. I will check it out :grin:


THREE THINGS I LOSE DAILY (if not more often):

  1. MY MIND



If you happen to find them, or even catch a glimpse, let me know. Please?


My keys! Although i do have a small table i have made it home for them… but, sometimes I forget to put them there… :rage:

My phone… I sometimes move quickly from a part of my house to the next or get caught up in la la land then i think oh…where’s my phone???
And i walk around looking for it … i actually Google a website the its called ring my phone! And i find it like that. :grimacing:

Lastly… my bank card. Ofcourse i have it in my wallet and that is inside my purse… but miraculously when i am at the line at the market i can’t find it… and over look for it, i have done this so many times in my life… embraced my kids too…had to have them put everything on the side for me and then i have had to go home… or its been in my car…:exploding_head:

One more for a bonus!!!
My enchanted TV remote control… I even named it that. :cry:


Ooooh yeah. I’ve got so many remotes for different things. I lose them all the time.