Testing close by


I’m getting tested for adhd/add in 14 days and my nerves are through the roof I’ve completely destroyed my gums from biting them I’m now having doubt about getting tested but I know it’s something I should be tested for I don’t want to look like an idoit going in and nothing is wrong and im just lazy :frowning:


I’d be nervous too for the same reason, but right now where I live you can’t even get tested unless you go private which I can’t afford.
What ever the outcome your struggles are real and I hope you find the help you need soon :slight_smile:


Thanks I live in Australia and the town I’m in there is only one place I could find that did Adult testing and it was going to cost me about $400 but the Dr was nice enough to make the appointment free, otherwise this appointment wouldn’t be happening


Dont sweat it. Go to the appointment and see how it goes. The process isn’t scary or painful. Whatever the outcome is it will tell you something about you and if your having problems in life you need to start somewhere if your going to try work them out. And this is as good a place as any.

Make sure you let us all know how you went and how you found the experiance.

There are few of us aussies on here also so a few people to listen on our side of the world.



I’m sure I will, I’ve found this site and Jessica’s videos extremely helpful


Relax. You just answer a lot of questions, probably do some tests. I did the tests and questions at a neuropsychologist first, then went to a psychiatrist. But that was because I wanted a thorough testing. Curious about the tests and my functioning. Actually it is kind of fun. You shall not be number one. Just yourself. Give the shrink as good ideas of your strenghts and weaknesses as you can, that day. No matter if you get diagnosed or not, you will know more and hopefully get some good advice. Wish you well


Hey guys so today was my testing and the dr said he just needs to speak to a family member and if they can agree with what I’ve said in the testing then I’ll be diagnosed as Adhd