Thank you all for welcoming me into the ADHD tribe!!!


Some information, My name is Trent I am from the Eastern coast of the United States. I am not officially Diagnosed with ADHD for many reasons as I will go on to in a bit. I have loved watching Jessica or HowToADHD. I have actually been hyper-focusing on youtube because I keep wanted to learn more about my brain.

As I said previously I have not been officially been diagnosed with ADHD because I can’t go to my doctors for 2 months because you can test positive for Covid for up to 3 months and my doctor needs a negative result for me to go in. (Yes I had Covid-19 and so did my family and we are all ok.) Another reason is I don’t want my parents to reject the fact that I might have ADHD because I don’t get terrible grades in school and can do things around the house. The reason that I think they will think that is because I have hidden the fact that it is hard for me to do simple tasks and especially hard when told to do multiple things. Thanks to @Smoj for giving me some advice I just need to build up the courage to tell them and not be afraid of being rejected.

I have taken multiple tests on the internet and I have learned that I have a combination of Hyperactivity and inactivity. Also before I forgot this the reason I started to look into this was that I am in the Marching band for my school and one of my friends after I refused to stay sitting my friend either jokingly or not said “You might have ADHD” and I refused that statement. Just to learn that night I looked up on Youtube ADHD test and HowToADHD came up. After about 2 weeks I saw a video that linked here to the forums and even tho I have not been tested or anything for ADHD I still feel welcomed into this ADHD tribe.

Thank you to @Smoj again for giving me advice on what to do and Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcomed into this amazing community and Tribe! :slight_smile:


Welcome Trent!

I recently found out I had ADHD at the age of 40, soon to be 51! Yet to tell my parents … as they are native Italians, and although I have a slew of quirky uncles and aunts (and parents TBH) I don’t really know what to tell them short of pointing them at an Italian wikipedia entry. (if any Italians can assist me all, much appreciated)

If I can assure you of anything rest easy knowing that you’ll have fun whatever the prognosis and by acknowledging your traits early, hopefully you’ll navigate life more easily, if not more confidently.

Finally the fact that you and your family have survived Covid, I’d be celebrating that on it’s own right there. One of my mottos ‘is you have to survive in order to thrive.’ and I hope that by being here you too will have a better chance at thriving in your own unique way!

cheers for now and once again welcome.



Thank you and I hope that I will feel at home here with this ADHD tribe and I am really glad that our family stayed safe and was not to bad with covid (my sister is disabled and could have hit her much worse than the rest of us.)


Welcome, Trent!

Good luck with the family!


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome :+1:

So happy for you. Sharing a good outcome is encouraging. The NEWS of course tends to focus on the downside of COVID . . . [quote=“vh0622, post:1, topic:8705”]
Thanks to @Smoj

Definitely a caring “brain” . . . :sunglasses:

As you should . . . :pray:

Have great days! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Thanks Barry!
I’m expecting my sainthood in the mail any day now… :smiley:
If only it came with a $10,000 bonus…


:joy::rofl: :+1:


Thank you very much!!! :+1:


Welcome to the Tribe, Trent!

And I’m glad to hear you and your family are now well!


Im glad aswell.